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Iran’s Security Forces on High Alert, Officials Issuing Threats Prior To “Fire Festival” Celebrations


Iran Uprising – No. 115-Fire Festival

Threats and measures by the mullahs’ regime, beginning from late February and following a call made by the Social Department of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) issued on February 21, to confront the suppressed nation’s anger during the country’s “Fire Festivital,” is continuing in the past few days.

The prosecutor general threatened “no disruptive or illegal measures will be tolerated,” issuing a statement demanding protesters be identified to “security and judicial authorities, and agents involved in maintaining order and security.” He wrote the objective is “preserving general safety and security (read the regimes’ security) and … preventing various opportunists from disrupting psychological security during the last days of the (Iranian calendar) year with their disruptive measures.”

“Telegram will be filtered if necessary,” said Abolhassan Firouzabadi, secretary of the regime’s Supreme Cyberspace Council, terrified of the widespread “Fire Festivital” campaign. (Semi-official ISNA news agency – March 12)
“Various sessions have been held with the security and police apparatus regarding how to maintain public order and security during the last days of the year. The police are missioned to take action with all their resources,” said Tehran Province security deputy Mohsen Hamedani.

Tehran police chief Hossein Rahimi threatened those who seek to cause disturbance and insecurity will be arrested and held until the end of the new year holidays. (State-run media – March 9)

Bushehr Province police chief Khalil Vaezi said 2 million fireworks have been confiscated, amounting to 70% more than last year. Possessing and using such fireworks is a crime, will be followed with legal actions and the police will take measures in this regard, he added. (Official IRNA news agency – March 12)

Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province judiciary chief Gholamreza Mazarei said vehicles causing disruptions will be confiscated until after the new year holidays.

Municipalities across the country are seen rounding up all trash canisters and worn out tires used by protesters to block roads.

Afternoon classes in universities and all other schools have been cancelled, and store-owners have been ordered to close at 2 pm local time.

In the meantime, uprising youths across the country are celebrating this national event by distributing leaflets and setting fire to images and posters of Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
March 13, 2018