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Killing of Three Other Detained Youth in Sanandaj and Zanjan Torture Chambers

(From left) Kianoosh Zandi, Mohammad Nasiri, Saroo Ghahramani

Iran Uprising – No. 46

The Iranian Resistance offers its condolences for the martyrdom of Kianoush Zandi, Sarou Ghahremani and Mohammad Nassiri, who were arrested during the uprising of the Iranian people, to their families, friends, companions and all rising people of Iran, and urges the international community to take immediate action to confront anti-human crimes of the clerical regime. The blood of these fallen for freedom martyrs, will surely dispel the root of the brutal regime of the Velayat-e faqih forever from Iran, and will rid Iran and the region of this medieval regime.

Sarou Ghahremani from Sanandaj disappeared on January 3. Following the family’s follow-up, regime intelligence agents in Sanandaj notified them their child’s death on Friday night, January 12.

Kianoush Zandi, a graduate of engineering from the University of Sanandaj, disappeared since January 4. His body was given to his family on January 14 by Sanandaj Intelligence. The Intelligence henchmen told the martyr’s family that he was killed in the demonstrations. But the signs of torture on the body of Kianoush exposes the regime’s Intelligence henchmen.

Fearful of the anger of the people, the regime’s mercenaries did not permit the families of Sarou Ghahremani and Kianoush Zandi to hold burial and funeral ceremonies and prohibited them from releasing any information about their children’s martyrdom by threatening them. The people of Sanandaj commemorated the martyrs on Sunday January 14 in spite of the intensive presence of repressive forces with a massive presence in Farajeh-Shahr Mosque.

Mohammad Nassiri, a youth of Zanjan, was martyred after being arrested by intelligence agents of the regime. During the delivery of the martyr’s body, mercenaries said foolishly that he had committed suicide.

The clerical regime also had claimed that Sina Qanbari, who was martyred in Evin Prison and Vahid Heydari, who was martyred at the police station in Arak, had committed suicide.

The Iranian resistance calls on the public, especially the youth, to protest against the crimes of the clerical regime, especially in prisons, and to support the families of martyrs and prisoners, and calls on the High Commissioner for Human Rights to set up a fact finding delegation to investigate the situation of prisons and political prisoners, especially those arrested during the recent uprising, and to provide conditions for their unconditional release.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
January 15, 2018