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Labor Day Protests With Slogans: “Imprisoned Workers Must Be Released” And “It Is Mourning Day Today, Worker’s Life Is Doomed Today”


Iranian workers and toilers turned May Day to a scene of protest and expressing outrage against the mullahs’ anti-labor regime. While in a despicable act the regime hold the sham labor day event at Khomeini’s grave, workers bashed this event and repeatedly cut Rouhani’s speech by their slogans. Workers chanted “It is mourning day today, worker’s life is doomed today.” The MC of the event called the workers “mercenaries” and threatened them that he would shatter their mouths.

At the same time hundreds of workers protested in front of the regime’s Parliament. Suppressive forces raided the workers and tried to prevent the rally. They collected cell phones to prevent demonstrators from taking photos and videos. But the workers continued the protests with skirmishes. They hold banners in commemorating International Workers’ Day and pictures of imprisoned political prisoners and chanted: “Imprisoned workers must be released,” “Labor Day is our day, the street is ours”.

The final resolution of the protests, workers called for “an immediate increase in the minimum wage based on a basket of fees in accordance with the standards of modern life”, “an end to making the trade and civil protests as a security issue,” “prohibition of prosecution and security charges against union, political and civil activities”, “abolishing the death penalty and flogging, to cancel all sentences against labor activists, teachers, and jailed social and civil activists”, ” unconditional release of all trade unionists, teachers and imprisoned social and political activists”, ” unconditional freedom of creating independent formations, strikes, protests, marches”, “immediate payment of outstanding claims of workers, retirees, teachers”, “job security for workers”, “prohibition of child labor” and “eradication of all discriminatory laws against women and the full and unconditional equality of women and men in all areas”. After reading the resolution, the workers chanted: “Workers prisoners must be released.” In the end, the suppressive forces attacked workers who were marching towards the Parliament (Baharestam) subway and arrested at least one.

Also on this day;

A large number of steel workers in Isfahan gathered for a second day in the factory. They are protesting the cut in their bonuses and benefits.

In Tabriz, Tractor workers held a large rally in front of the governor of East Azerbaijan and called for their usurped salaries.

In Kerman, Esfandaqe Chromite mine workers rallied in front of the regime’s Inspector General office and protested against illegal trading of the shares of this mine by agents of the regime.

Shiraz Sugar factory workers gathered in front of governor’s office. It was written on their banners: “livelihoods, dignity; is our inalienable right”, and “We are hungry! After three years, when the salaries of workers and pensioners will be paid?”

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
May 1, 2017