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Mass Arrests of Protesters in Isfahan and Continuing Protests in Various Cities of Iran


Iran Uprising – No. 140

On Sunday, April 15, 2018, in addition to the strikes of merchants and shopkeepers in Baneh and Javanrood cities, protests by deprived and oppressed people continued in various cities:

At midnight of Sunday, April 15, 2018, suppressive forces attacked houses of Khorasgan people in Isfahan in order to prevent the spread of protests and demonstrations by farmers and people, and arrested a number of farmers and youths in the city.

Throughout the day and night, repressive forces had an intense presence around the city in an effort to intensify the atmosphere of fear and intimidation. The anti-riot mercenaries also moved toward the city in 20 cars and four buses to stop the demonstrations of the people of Varzaneh.

On Saturday, in spite of repressive measures in Isfahan, farmers gathered at the Khourasgan Square and Abazar Ave. They chanted: Imprisoned farmer should be freed; farmer dies, but does not accept humiliation; we are the women and men of battle, we get back our right to water….

– People from the village of Jofair in Hoveizeh (in Khuzestan province) held a protest rally and called for the right to use the drinking water of Jofair Project.

– A group of people looted by the Arman Vahdat governmental institution in Ahvaz gathered in front of the Shariati Branch and demanded the return of their deposits. The protesters finally blocked door of the institute with mud. In Shushtar, the looted people of the same institute, in a protest move, expelled the employees from the building and closed it.

– In Mashhad, the people looted by Caspian institute held a protest rally outside the Pamchal branch in Sajjad Boulevard. The protesters, while carrying a placard, called a big lie the claim of Rouhani that he has resolved the problem of 98% of the depositors. They carried another placard, which read: What is the behind the scenes of the Caspian Institute, which none of the officials and three branches do not dare to, expose and follow up?

– In Yazd, health centers’ personnel protested in front of the governorate against the failure to pay salaries for several months and lack of job security.

– In Tehran, students at Tarbiat Modarres University protested against the illegal evacuation of dormitories, renting university facilities (gyms, swimming pools, etc.) to earn money, and looting the University’s budget.

– In Yasuj, families of victims of passenger airplane that crashed gathered in front of the Red Crescent building in protest against the inaction of the regime’s officials for finding the bodies of the dead, and called for the delivery of their loved ones bodies. On February 18 last year, an airplane of Asman airlines with 60 passengers and six crewmembers crashed near Semirom, Esfahan, and all its passengers died. The clerical regime did not make any effort to save the passengers of this plane, and now it refuses to take any action to find the bodies of the dead.

– In Tabriz, fans of the Tractor-Sazi team chanted slogans in Turkish against Ajorlu, the executive manager of the team who is one of the agents of the regime’s repressive organs. They protested against the atmosphere of repression against the team and its supporters and chanted: Take your herd and go; the Azerbaijani people do not accept humiliation; the protesters protest against the continued use of the special unit to suppress the fans of Tractor-Sazi team.

– On Saturday, April 14, 2018, the teachers of the educational services purchase plan for the second time gathered in front of offices of Ministry of Education in protest against the nonpayment of their outstanding salaries. Protesters gathered in various cities, including in Qazvin, Kerman and Yazd, demanded full insurance and equalization of their salaries with official employees.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
April 16, 2018