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Military and Security Forces in Full Alert in Fear of the Continuation of the Mashhad Uprising

Uprising No to High Prices – No. 5

The clerical regime in fear of the continuation of the Mashhad uprising sent a message to all security forces, in which they wrote: “Urgent – Red situation – All forces to present themselves in the field!!!”

The scenes of the uprising of December 28 in Mashhad marked the explosion of anger and the culmination of the rebellion of the people who lost all their belongings in this repressive and corrupt regime. In one scene, when people saw a cleric, they started to shout unanimously: “Mullahs! Be ashamed, leave the country”.

In another scene, a deprived worker screams: “I’ve been working for 27 years. I was fired by Mr. Rouhani, with a million tomans per month ($230 per month), I have seven children, I’ve worked hard for 27 years, now they fired me. People chanted: “Death to high prices!”.

A young man says I’m tired of unemployment and lack of money. And people chant in support of him “We are with you”.

In another scene, people carry a young wounded man, chanting: “Leave Syria, think about us!”

In Shahroud, people also chanted: “Shahrudis die but won’t accept degradation”.

In addition to Mashhad, people from many cities across the country, including Tehran, Rasht, Sari, Qom, Tabriz, Orumieh, Kermanshah, Hamedan, Khoram Abad and Quchan, in solidarity with the people of Mashhad and in protesting oppression, high prices and injustice of the regime have called for demonstrations for Friday December 29.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
December 28, 2017