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Protests of Farmers, Workers, Teachers and Other Deprived Classes in Different Cities of Iran

Iran Uprising – No. 137

Today, Friday, April 13, farmers’ protests and demonstrations continued for the fifty-seventh day, although repressive forces had gathered in the area with five buses equipped with water cannons and tear gas rifles. The farmers’ demonstrations in eastern Isfahan today spread to the Shatour village on the road of Isfahan to Varzaneh. The people of this area chanted slogans against government officials in the area.

Yesterday, farmers in Isfahan started their protest from Khourasgan square. They and the people who supported them called for the release of the 15 people arrested on Wednesday’s protests. This was despite the fact that the repressive forces and anti-riot vehicles surround them. Farmers protested against oppressive forces chanting: “do not be afraid, do not be afraid, we are all together”, “cannons and tanks do not work anymore”. The raid of repressive forces on protesters led to clashes between the farmers and the youth of Isfahan with the mercenaries of the special unit that lasted for some time.

In Kerman, the teachers from Ghaleh Ganj and Roodabar Jonoub cities gathered in front of the city’s governorate to protest not paying of their salaries for one year. They carried banners, which said: “A teacher’s New Year is when his one year salary equals a five-day salary of a minister”.

In Damghan, railway workers went on strike in protest at not payment of their salaries for one year.

A group of unemployed youths in Assaluyeh and Kangan continued their protest gathering in front of the South Pars Special Region recruitment office. The day before, unemployed youths in the village of Zuhiriyah of Howayzah gathered in protest of discrimination in hiring and recruiting non-indigenous people in oil companies adjacent to their villages.

In Mashhad, the people looted by the Padideh Shandiz Foundation gathered in front of the city’s prosecutor office in protest at four year-long uncertainty. The repressive forces who attacked them arrested twelve men and women.
On Wednesday, April 11, in Tabriz, a group of those whose lands had been seized by the clerical regime gathered in front of the aviation base. Twenty-five years ago, the clerical regime erupted this base by the usurpation of the people’s lands. Due to the protest of the landowners, the mullahs’ court ruled in 2008 that the lands should be returned to their owners. However, the regime has avoided implementing this ruling over the past 20 years.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
April 13, 2018