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Acknowledgement of the Head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization to discontent among nuclear experts and Khamenei’s order for eliminating them

By conjuring up totally fabricated scenarios the regime attributes the assassination of experts to the PMOI, the U.S., and Israel.

NCRI – Following the assassination of another nuclear experts in Iran, once again the clerical by disseminating fictitious and contradictory stories tries to prevent the clarification of the perpetrators, motives and real reasons for these terrors. While a number of Iranian nuclear experts have been assassinated in a similar methods in the past two years, the religious fascism ruling Iran has provided no clear and convincing explanation for these terrors.

Attributing murder of the mullahs regime nuclear scientist to the PMOI is absolutely false. The source of these lies is the mullahs regime. The Iranian Resistance revealed last year that Ali Khamenei ordered a special unit of the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) that as soon as a sign is detected that one of the managers of experts of the nuclear program is distancing from the regime or has intention of leaving the country, he should be eliminated and the blame should be put on the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI), agents of the U.S., Israel, and “world arrogance.”

On January 7, only four days prior to today’s assassination, Fereydoun Abbassi, the Director of Atomic Organization of Iran referred to the widespread dissatisfaction within the regime’s nuclear experts and said to Fars news agency that is run by the IRGC: “One should not lose site of the fact that while during the war, some people dodged the fronts, in the scientific struggle also are some scientists that in order to maintain their international relations, do not cooperate with the nuclear projects…. Of course we have never been worried and are not worried about this since there is plenty of human resources and experts in the country that currently the demands for taking part in the nuclear projects are more than supplies.” In a suspicious way he predicted that since the enemy cannot prevent the entrance of science into Iran, “it resorts to assassination of Iranian scientists.”

On the other hand, the clerical regime that is infuriated due to growing international support for Ashraf residents and growing consensus and repeated calls by the U.S. politicians for the revoking of the State Department’s terror designation of the PMOI,  tried today by conjuring up frivolous scenarios by its agents to attribute the assassination of the nuclear scientist to the PMOI, the U.S., and Israel so in his mind-set it could neutralize the impact of the widespread international support for the PMOI.

Secretariat of National Council of Resistance of Iran
January 11, 2012