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Ahmadinejad’s trip to Baghdad and meeting with Iraqi officials in order to pressure and conspire against PMOI members in Ashraf and Liberty, aid the Syrian dictator, support Maliki to maintain his Prime Ministry, and use Iraq to circumvent sanctions

According to documents obtained by the Iranian resistance from the clerical regime’s Supreme Security Council, Ahmadinejad is pursuing several goals in his planned trip to Iraq, which is done under the cover of participation in International anti-terrorism conference. New plots and increased pressure and suppression of Ashraf and Liberty residents, members of People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran, is one of the priorities of Ahmadinejad in his talks with Iraqi officials.

Prior to Ahmadinejad, Revolutionary Guard Ahmad Vahidi, the Minister of Defence of this regime had visited Iraq. Revolutionary Guard Mohammad Ali Jafari, the commander in chief of the Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) is also supposed to visit Iraq shortly.
Another goal of Ahmadinejad is to circumvent international sanctions against the mullahs’ regime by using marine, land and air borders and Iraqi territory and its banking services as much as possible. In recent years Iraq has always been the first country to offer the Iranian regime means to thwart sanctions and as such, the volume of bilateral trade has increased significantly.
The mullahs’ President also intends to use maximum Iraqi facilities including air corridor and land facilities to send weapons, ammunitions and guards to Syria and force the Iraqi government to increase its support for Syrian dictator.
Another major goal of the mullahs’ President is the continuation of Maliki’s Prime Ministry, which has been widely objected by various political tendencies.
A large delegation has traveled to Baghdad to make preparations for this trip on behalf of the mullahs’ regime. A number of the mullahs’ regime Qods Force and Ministry of Intelligence elements and their Iraqi agents are supposed to be taken to the so-called international conference on terrorism as “Victims of Mojahedin”, who would smear in order to suppress Ashraf and Liberty residents.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
October 25, 2012