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Europe Council’s decision entering PMOI in to terror list, a clear defiance of high court’s ruli

NCRI – Invited by the Association of the Iranian Lawyers in Exile, Monday, a number of dignitaries in politics and law attending an international conference, discussed the ruling by the European Court and also the European Council’s reaction to the ruling.

Rt. Hon. Lord Slynn of Hadley, former judge at the European Court of Justice and a former judge at Britain’s High Court, Dr. Henry Labayle Professor at law, Mrs. Gisella Garbagnati, Lawyer from Italy, Mr.’s David Vaughn, Jean-Pierre Spitzer and William Bourdon were some of the personalities attending the conference.

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President Elect of the National Council of Resistance, former French Prime minister, Mrs. Edith Cresson, Mr. Brian Binley, Member of British Parliament from labor party, Mr. Paolo Casaca, Member of European Parliament from Portugal, Morton Hoglund, Member of Parliament and Norwegian Foreign Affairs Committee, Francois Colcombe, former judge at Supreme Court of France, discussed political aspects of the ruling and criticized European Council’s position.

Attending lawyers emphasized that:
– The European Court’s decision has clearly rejected the Council’s decision
– The ruling has been implemented to the past calling the proscription illegitimate and illegal
– The court concludes that, “The right to a fair hearing, the responsibility to present evidence and the right to have judicial protection” has been broken and the decision making process lacked minimum requirements.

In this conference, the lawyers declared the decision by the EU Ministers of Economic and Financial Affairs’ Council, a disregard of the European Court’s ruling and expressed their concern about disobedience of the Council from court’s ruling to annul the Mojahedin’s proscription.

Lawyers emphasized, “Failure to abide by the court’s ruling by the European Council will damage the rule of law” and that, “Violation of basic rights and other violations that have been referred to by the ruling about PMOI, lead to a big mistake in assessment.”

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President Elect of the Resistance said in her speech, “Any violation by the Council to put the ruling in effect, is an important sign proving the reality that this proscription has been a completely political decision and has had no judicial basis and that the decision by the Council to put PMOI in the terror list has been a decision made by the British foreign minister who himself announced in 2001 that it was a response to a request by the Iranian regime.”

“Thus, today we face a phenomenon much superior than a simple unfairness.  Violating European Court’s ruling by the EU Council, is an obstruction of justice and  a clear unruliness that brakes laws, democracy and human rights,” Said Mrs. Rajavi.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
5 February 2007