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Foolish Show in Sweden Involving Mercenaries Affiliated with the Mullahs’ Ministry of Intelligence Regarding Children of Camp Ashraf


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In retaliation for the trial of henchman Hamid Noury, and simultaneous with the screening of the movie “Colonel Soraya” within Iran, as well as the in-absentia trial of over 100 members of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) by the regime’s judiciary for issuing death sentences, the notorious Ministry of Intelligence (MOIS) of the regime has mobilized its mercenaries to produce a reckless film about the children who previously resided in Camp Ashraf more than three decades ago. This is an attempt to influence Western public opinion and prove that the members of the PMOI do not care about their children.

This film, shown on the night of Wednesday, January 31, in a 100-seat hall in Gothenburg, more than half of which was filled with uninformed Swedes, featured four individuals who were either exposed or well-known for their murky ties with the regime, including Amir Yaghmaee. In the early 1990s, during intense bombings in the Gulf War, the PMOI sent these individuals to Europe to ensure their safety. Nevertheless, they are now serving the mullahs’ intelligence apparatus.

Completely ignorant of the conditions of child laborers and homeless children inside Iran or the fate of children in Gaza and Ukraine, devoid of any human empathy, these individuals are now being exploited by the evil regime’s propaganda machine against the PMOI. This is in stark contrast to a strong statement signed by 538 youths last year, during the defamation campaign of allegations raised by the mullahs’ intelligence accusing the PMOI of employing “child soldiers.” This statement made the clearest distinctions from a regime that continues with executions and massacres (PMOI statement dated January 10, 2023).

To expose the ineptitude of these film productions, hundreds of which have been shown in cinemas across Iran against the PMOI and the Iranian Resistance, it is sufficient to see the names of well-known MOIS agents like Mostafa Mohammadi, Iranian regime agent Iraj Mesdaghi, and the pro-Basij and regime-friendly reporter Louisa Homerich listed among the collaborators. It seems that the MOIS “experts” need to be trained by the newly exposed members of the “Iran Experts Initiative” to avoid producing such foolish and ridiculous works.

This is just another case of the same disgraceful shows by the MOIS to avenge the trial of henchman Hamid Noury on June 9 and 10, 2022, in Stockholm, where mercenaries were hired to install banners and spread slander against the PMOI and the Iranian Resistance. The ministry’s branch known as the Habilian Organization was found to be behind these spectacles. This show was repeated on July 11, 2022, in Stockholm with the involvement of a regime mercenary named “Dr. Shayan.”

This time, however, in a protest lasting over 3 hours, hundreds of Iranians in central Gothenburg took action and exposed and disgraced the MOIS show and its puppet actors.

It is reported that several prominent political and church figures had previously informed the festival organizers, to which this film (the Kids of Camp Ashraf) was presented, about the details and functions of the MOIS in this matter, which is traced back to a branch of the state-run Nejat Association in Yazd, central Iran.

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February 1, 2024