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Iranian Resistance welcomes UK’s freezing contacts with Iran regime

It calls for comprehensive sanctions

Abduction of British sailors must be referred to UN Security Council

NCRI  – The Iranian Resistance welcomes the decision by the British government to freeze “bilateral business” with the Iranian regime but considers it insufficient. Severing all ties with the mullahs’ regime and the imposition of comprehensive sanctions would be the only effective policy.

NCRI Foreign Affairs Committee Chair, Mohammad Mohaddessin expressed sympathy with the families of the abducted sailors and said that the mullahs’ outlaw behavior, including the capture of British sailors in Iraqi waters, was the result of the policy of appeasement in the past two decades, which emboldened this regime in exporting terrorism and fundamentalism.

Mr. Mohaddessin added that this aggression by the Iranian regime is a blatant act of international terrorism and must be referred to the United Nations Security Council immediately. The clerical regime has for many years used hostage-taking and blackmail as an instrument of its foreign policy. The lack of a firm response has made this tactic quite profitable for the mullahs.

The NCRI’s Foreign Affairs Committee Chair said that the only solution to the current Iranian crisis, which has threatened regional and global peace and security, is to end the policy of appeasement and adopt a decisive policy. Ending political concessions and economic assistance to and imposing comprehensive sanctions on the regime as well as removing the obstacles and restrictions against the Iranian opposition, especially the unlawful terrorist label against the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI), would be the two pillars of such a policy.

By including the PMOI in the terrorist list, the British government bears most of the blame in emboldening the mullahs to engage in such outlaw behavior. In the past three months, the British government has insisted on maintaining the PMOI in the terrorist list contrary to the ruling of the Court of First Instance, which annulled the terror tag.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
March 28, 2007