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Khamenei’s Fear of the Rise of the Justice Movement And Spreading the Slogan Of “No to Executioner, No to Imposter” in Sham Elections


Khamenei, indignant of the rise of justice movement for the massacre of 1988 and the nationwide campaign of the Iranian resistance that humiliated the Vali-e Faqih (Supreme Leader) with the slogan of “No to executioner, No to imposter, Our vote is regime change” during the sham elections, said on the anniversary of Khomeini’s death: “Recently, some of the speakers and podium owners attack the 80’s. I would recommend and those who are thinkers and judge the 80’s, the place of martyr and executioner should not change. In the 80’s the Iranian nation was oppressed, the terrorists and the Mojahedin and their backers and powers which had created them and constantly boasted them, they oppressed the people of Iran. They did badly. The Iranian nation was on the defensive.”

The meaning of the Iranian nation for Khamenei is nothing but the mullahs’ anti-human regime. The 80’s is the decade of execution of political prisoners in groups of 200-300 people, the massacre of 30 thousand political prisoners, extracting the blood of political prisoners, the execution of pregnant women, 13 years old girls and 70 years old mothers.

In his address at Khomeini’s grave, Khamenei, distressed from the sham elections and exposing astronomical vote rigging and fraud, said: “The enemy is lurking…The US President criticizes the vote of 40 million Iranians. They boycott… the Islamic Republic for human rights … Close to 42 million votes; more than 70 percent of the votes were for the Islamic system and the confidence in the Islamic system.” He added: “Fortunately, the Guardian Council approved the result of the election”.

Khamenei, who has plunged Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Bahrain, in blood with his criminal revolutionary guards and exported weapons, while shedding crocodile tears for the people of the region, said: “The presence of foreign states in Syria is against the will of the Syrian government and the Syrian people. In Syria, in Bahrain, in Yemen, everywhere in the Islamic world, the hands of enemies of Islam wage proxy wars … The solution is to sit down together to talk, dialogue, others do not interfere, weapons from outside the country are not injected.” These lies are being said while Syrian opposition leaders said on Saturday, June 3 in a conference in Paris that the number of Iranian Revolutionary Guards and their militias in Syria has reached 90 thousand people.

The clerical regime Supreme Leader, who could not conceal his joy over the criminal acts of terrorism against the innocent people in Europe and other regions of the world, described the western countries as the cause of creation of ISIS and said: “Today the Islamic State is being driven out of its birthplace, Iraq and Syria, and goes to other countries, to Afghanistan and Pakistan and the Philippines and European countries and elsewhere. This is the fire they inflamed by their own hands, and now this fire has caught them too.”

Khamenei also acknowledged once again the fact that his regime is alive only in war and crisis, and said, “If the challenge is with confidence, its cost is far less than the cost of compromise.” Before the sham elections, he had said that truth in other words, saying the change in regime behavior certainly leads to regime change.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
June 5, 2017