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Kobler’s flattering Al-Maliki on the International Day of Human Rights

• Silence about two massacres, psychological torture, four-year siege of Ashraf and turning Liberty into a prison

While the international community, the UN Secretary General, Amnesty International and other international organizations defending human rights express their concern over torture, increasing executions, systematic and grave violations of human rights in Iraq, Martin Kobler, Special Representative of the Secretary General in Iraq, in an abhorrent flattering to mark International Human Rights Day, in the presence of Nouri Al-Maliki said:

“The Prime Minister’s remarks are in line with the UN’s agenda on human rights. This is a correct and realistic obligation to human rights. ….. The existence of the Ministry of Human Rights expresses how important human rights are for this country. ….His Excellency the Prime Minister and the Human Rights Minister, I am very happy to participate in this gathering. I am very happy that the Prime Minister is in this event and this is a very important indication that His Excellency the Prime Minister’s honorable presence means he pays notice to human rights in Iraq. I express my gratitude to the Minister of Human Rights for his enormous cooperation with UNAMI and me personally and human rights in Geneva. What we are doing in Iraq is in line with the government’s actions and parallel to strengthening human rights in Iraq.”
This is in spite of Nouri Al-Maliki’s remarks delivered during the same meeting just before Martin Kobler made his speech.  Maliki defended the crimes that are taking place in Iraq on daily basis and said : ” It is the government that identifies the limits of individual freedom so not to interfere with the freedom of others. We want freedom, but as long as it does not violate public order. I hear in a certain prison abuses have taken place. May be there are elements of the former regime who do such a thing, but nobody ever told what it was. It seems the task of the Parliament’s Human Rights Commission is only visiting the prisons. What about the rights of children? What about women’s rights? What about the rights of those who have been the target of terrorism? Where has sectarianism come from? Controversy surrounding the human rights in Iraq has been limited to prison “.
The Secretary-General in all his three reports to the Security Council in 2012 has expressed concern over the increasing human rights abuses. He emphasizes in his latest report in November  of this year “Since my previous report, 43 individuals have been executed, bringing the total to 113 for 2012, in comparison with 67 in 2011 and 18 in 2010 …. Most of those executed were convicted under article 4 of the Anti-Terrorism Act ….. During its regular visit to places of detention throughout Iraq, UNAMI noted that many detainees continued to be held for prolonged periods in pretrial detention and that many facilities failed to meet basic humanitarian standards. UNAMI also continued to receive allegations of torture “.
Moreover, Martin Kobler in his speech, which was clearly giving a green light for continuation of repression and killings by the Iraqi government, forgot the terrorist acts, criminal explosions, and other suppressive meddling of the terrorist Quds Force in Iraq, and did not mention a word about two massacres of Ashraf residents by Al-Maliki forces, killing 50 of them, injuring more than 1130 and psychological torture and four-year siege of Ashraf and Liberty, killing some patients and wounded by slow death, ban of movement from Liberty, transforming Liberty into a prison according to the report of the UN Working Group on arbitrary detention, preventing the transfer of necessary equipment from Camp Ashraf to Liberty, barring lawyers, parliamentarians, journalists and  human rights activists from entering Ashraf and Liberty.
Martin Kobler, instead of representing the values and rules of the United Nations and its agencies, is representing and advocating the religious fascism puppet government in Iraq. The Iranian Resistance calls on the Secretary-General once again, to appoint an impartial and competent representative to investigate the situation of Ashraf and Liberty.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
December 14, 2012