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Mullahs’ regime openly threatens international community with nuclear weapons

Mullahs’ regime openly threatens international community with nuclear weaponsThe mullahs’ regime unveiled its evil nuclear intentions and openly threatened the world community through its senior officials to build atomic weapons.

In an effort to prevent a decision by the UN Security Council to impose sanctions against the regime, the First Deputy-Speaker of the regime’s Majlis (Parliament) Mohammad-Reza Bahonar reiterated yesterday that if pressure is put on the regime to adhere to the demands of the international community and suspend uranium enrichment then it is possible that “our nation asks the government to make nuclear weapons.” The state-run news agency ILNA reported his comments. 

Bahonar is one of the leaders of the Khamenei faction and heads the government-organized Islamic Society of Engineers. Describing the regime’s intention as that of the nation, he said, “The nation will force Majlis to ratify the law for Iran to leave the NPT.”

Taking advantage of the lack of firmness by the international community in dealing with the regime’s rogue behavior, he said, “Currently, the threat of using the Security Council against Iran has lost its effectiveness.” He brazenly threatened the world, saying, “Be afraid of the day that the Iranian nation comes into the streets and stages demonstrations to ask the government to produce nuclear weapons to combat the threats.”

Bahonar shed light on the regime’s strategy of sowing discord beyond Iran’s borders and confrontation with the international community in order to cover up domestic crises. He stated, “On the issue of foreign policy, the government has stood by its principles more than ever, thereby reinforcing national strength and increasing unity on the domestic front”. Taking note of the international community’s inaction against the regime’s increasing meddling in Iraq and warmongering in the region, he summed up, “Presently, the foreign policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran is active and has the upper hand.”

The NCRI’s Foreign Affairs Committee Chair Mr. Mohammad Mohaddessin said such brazen threats by the leaders of the mullahs’ regime were as a direct consequence of the policy of appeasing the regime and allowing it to continue with its deceit. He said that this failed policy only gave the mullahs more time to obtain nuclear weapons and encouraged them to further meddle and create crises in Iraq and the entire Middle East. The regime had now also begun to make such brazen threats.

Mr. Mohaddessin said, “The regime’s stances and practices raises alarm more than ever. Therefore, there is no justification for continuing the policy of appeasement with this regime which is bringing the region and the world closer to a catastrophe. Such a catastrophe can only be prevented by adopting a firm and effective policy against the regime.”

He called on the United Nations Security Council to ignore intimidation and blackmail by the regime and instead impose comprehensive sanctions on the regime.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
August 26, 2006