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Iran: chants of “Death to dictator” rises from Enghelab and Vali Asr squares inTehran

Large presence of women in the crowd, they took to the streets despite tight security measures

NCRI – Courageous women, along with youths and protestors took to the streets in large numbers on the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day in various parts of the Iranian capital, to express their anger and protests against the misogynist and inhuman mullahs’ regime.

The chant of “Death to dictator” fills the Enghelab Vali Asr squares in Tehran. Agents brutally attack people and vehicles supporting the protesters by honking their horns, breaking their windows and dented the bodies of vehicles with batons.
Around 18:00, in Mohseni Square, the crowd chanted anti-regime slogans. The detonation of sonic grenade could be heard in the neighborhood.

In the area of Ekbatan, a sonic grenade was thrown off a building.

At the Vali Asr junction, in the streets Jamal-Zadeh, Molla Sadra, Shariati, Fatemi and Eskandari, the crowd is growing despite a huge security apparatus.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
March 8, 2011