Rouhani, president of the Iranian regime, in his speech in the parliament on October 29th, showed his anger and fear of the PMOI and the Iranian Resistance. He also emphasized the continuation of criminal meddling of the regime in the region and its plan for the production of ballistic missiles and their storage.

He said: "We produced, are producing, and will produce ... We shall not hesitate in producing and storing any weapon we might need and using them at the time necessary to defend ourselves.”

Rouhani insolently claimed the United States has undermined "Syria's security", "Lebanon's security", "Iraq’s security" and "stability and security in Afghanistan" and planned to "divide Iraq", but it was the mullahs’ regime that "helped the people of Iraq and Syria” and did not allow" the territorial integrity of Iraq to be undermined ".

In recent weeks, French, German and British leaders have repeatedly emphasized that the missile program and meddling of the Iranian regime in the region are matters of serious concern and should be tackled in coordination with the United States.

Rouhani's remarks are expressed at a time that on daily basis, more details are revealed about the mullahs’ regime’s relations with al-Qaeda, ISIL and Taliban, and its financial and logistical support to them.

Establishing and strengthening terrorist groups under the banner of Sunni or Shi'a by Iranian regime, and its direct participation in the killing of the people in Syrian, Iraq and Yemen.... Has left no doubt that it is the main source of the crisis and war in the region since years ago.

While Rouhani could not hide his frustration and anger from the popular support of PMOI and the Iranian Resistance, ridiculously he claimed that the clerical regime had driven out the PMOI from the country and the United States had sheltered them.

On October 26, a "security official" introduced the PMOI as the cause for "creating turmoil and chaos, to come on the occasion of the commemoration" of Cyrus and said that "by launching protest rallies against corruption and economic problems in the country," the PMOI is planning to divert the rallies by raising slogans against the regime.

On October 12 and 14 when the U.S. new Iran policy was announced, Rouhani called Khamenei "the link between religion and politics," whose "orders" should be "obeyed." He said disgustingly that the IRGC "is not only popular among the Iranian people but also popular among the people of Iraq because it has saved Baghdad; and popular with Iraqi Kurds because it has saved Erbil; it is also popular with the people of Damascus and Syria, because it has saved Damascus; and popular among the people of Lebanon because it has been a supporter of the dignity and independence of Lebanon.”

Rouhani's recent remarks clearly show how ridiculous and deceptive are the claims about the moderation in the regime of Velayat-e Faqih, and once the policy of appeasement failed and the Revolutionary Guards, the most criminal force in the Iranian history, were included on the terrorist list, Rouhani and Zarif put away the moderation mask and became furious advocates of the IRGC and embraced Jafari, the commander of the Revolutionary Guards, and Suleimani, the commander of the terrorist Quds force.

Iranian Resistance has repeatedly stated that all regime officials, from any fraction, are directly responsible for the executions, torture and massacre of the political prisoners and perpetuation of killings and war in Iran and the region, and they should be included in all the terrorist lists and be sanctioned and face justice for their crimes against humanity.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
October 30, 2017

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