Sunday, June 11, 2023
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Iran calls for execution of opponents at home and abroad

The Mullahs' Supreme Leader- Ali Khamenei

Iran regime has called for the execution of anyone at home and abroad who opposes the clerical regime.

Iranian daily paper Kayhan – the mouthpiece of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei – said those deemed ‘corrupt on earth’ should be ‘harshly, severely and humiliatingly punished and killed’.

Openly calling for terrorism abroad, Kayhan wrote: “Carrying out the sentence of God against them is not restricted to any time or place and should be carried out even if they have escaped the country.


“Those who fabricate news and spread rumors threaten society and the Islamic system with psychological warfare, and much like the Monafeqin (Regime’s derogatory name for its main opposition, the PMOI), they damage Islamic society from within.

“Those political currents and media that disseminate rumors should be suppressed and annihilated. They are corrupters of the earth and spilling their blood is permitted. They may no longer be safe in their lives and the people must banish them and not allow them to have any links with Islamic society. They should be harshly, severely and humiliatingly punished and killed.”

The paper continued: “Carrying out the sentence of God on the seditionists who fight the truth is not restricted to any time, place or border and the passage of time does not affect it. They should have no safe haven. Thus, seditionists who escape outside the country should not be spared. Moreover, all people should join in to arrest them.”

But Kayhan also acknowledged the ‘feeble and unstable state’ of the mullahs’ regime and admitted to its fear of any kind of freedom of expression and the ‘role of the media in creating instability’.

It added: “Those who disseminate rumors cause fear and anxiety in society and through their fabrications create instability.”

The Mullahs’ Caliphate in Iran as the godfather of ISIS and terrorism under the veneer of Islam distort the Koran’s verses to create terror and fear amongst dissidents inside and outside the country without recognizing any borders.

The Iranian Resistance draws the attention of the international community and all international bodies in defense of human rights and those countering terrorism to confront the Iranian regime’s new wave of suppressive measures and its calls for terrorism inside the country and abroad.