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Iran: Senior IRGC commander: 130,000 trained Basij forces waiting to enter Syria

NCRI – In a rare acknowledgement by a senior commander of the Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) on the Iranian regime’s military intervention in Syria, Major General Hossein Hamedani, said: “Today, 130,000 trained Basij forces are waiting to enter Syria. Today we fight in Syria for interests such as the Islamic Revolution. Our defense in Syria is to the extent of the Sacred Defense (term used by the regime officials to refer to the Iran-Iraq war of 1980’s).”

He added: “Through organizing 70,000 ‘Alawi’, ‘Sunni’ and ‘Shia’ youth in 42 groups and 128 battalions, the IRGC is fighting in Syria… With the prudence of the Supreme Leader and using urban warfare tactics, the number of those killed in this country has diminished and permanent security has been established to some extent.” (Fars News Agency, May 4)

Noting the establishment of Basij force in Syria, he said: this force “has been formed in 14 Syrian provinces and in the occupied provinces these forces have been organized in cells and they have conducted operations against the armed forces ]opposition[… in the past three years 70% of Syria had been in the hands of the armed forces, but fortunately, right now 75% of the Syrian territory has been cleansed and the threat of the toppling of the Syrian regime has been removed.” (Tasnim News Agency, affiliated with the terrorist Qods Force, May 4)

Three days prior, in a trip to the city of Rasht, Hamedani pointed to Khamenei’s emphasis on the need to support Assad and said: “The war in Syria is a proxy war and Syria is fighting the world arrogance and terrorists on behalf of Muslims… the struggle of the Syrian people is because of the export of Iran’s Islamic Revolution… if today the Hezbollah has made big strides it is because of Syria… it was through Syria that we supported the Hezbollah. Today, the world of resistance has been formed and the only country remaining in the Arab world is Syria and no other country is in the resistance front. Syria is in the camp of Islamic Resistance and is Iran’s brother. Today, it is our duty to buttress Syria and we should not hide Syria’s support for the Islamic Revolution ((Tasnim News Agency, May 1).

In Rasht, to justify sending vast resources to the Syrian regime, Hamedani said: “In diplomatic language, one should open up a special account for such a country (Syria) in the economic realm.”

In this regard, IRGC Hamedani announced “the establishment of Logistic Headquarters for War and Support for Syrian People and Government.”

He added: “In such circumstances, the Syrian government and people should enjoy the support of the Iranian government and people… just like the time of the imposed [Iran-Iraq] war, everyone should help as much as he can… in all the provinces of Iran headquarters to support the Syrian people have been established and in the past few days, in a meeting in Tehran, the share of all provinces for this support of Syria have been specified.” (Fars News Agency, May 4)

In yet another development on April 27, Alireza Zakani, a members of the Iranian regime’s parliament, described the special role played by the clerical regime in preventing the U.S. attack on Syria in 2013 in response to the chemical bombing of the defenseless people of this country and this great crime against humanity and said: “Khamenei decided that without firing a single shot, the U.S. should give up the attack on Syria.”

According to Zakani, “the Qods Force command, through a senior Iraqi authority that apparently is the liaison for this kind of messages with the Americans, threatened that it would hit back by targeting U.S. interests and targets in the region”; and “Hezbollah threatened Israel through the German Intelligence that usually conveys messages between Hezbollah and the occupants of Jerusalem. ”

The Iranian Resistance had previously disclosed that in the night of August 27, Qasem Soleimani, the commander of the Qods Force, hurriedly went to Baghdad and met around midnight with Nouri al-Maliki and talked about the final agreement to attack Camp Ashraf and the possibility of the U.S. attack on Syria. And on the next day, a representative from Maliki flew to Washington.

Meanwhile, in an absurd and chaff muscle-flexing, IRGC Navy Commander Admiral Fadavi said: “Today, the Americans and the whole world know that one of our targets for operation is to wipe out the U.S. Navy.” (Tabnak website, 6May)

Turning a blind eye by the international community and in particular the U.S. government on the atrocities of the mullahs’ regime in Syria, Iraq and other countries in the region, has strongly encouraged the mullahs in their warmongering and foreign adventures that they desperately need for the survival of their rule that is on verge of demise.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
May 7, 2014