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Iran: Senior officials admit exporting terrorism and fundamentalism to countries in region

• Hassan Rouhani’s Advisor: Iraq is under our influence and is our capital and the Iranian Plateau is the vessel of Iranian civilization and culture and all its people are Iranian

• IRGC Commander-in-Chief: The role played by IRGC commanders in Iraq and Syria is an achievement of our regime. Today, not just Palestine and Lebanon, but Iraq and Syria acknowledge our role.

• Secretary of Supreme National Security Council: Our navy is present from the Mediterranean Sea to Bab-el-Mandeb

• Member of regime’s Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution: We should prepare a 100,000 strong army for the countries in the region and as ordered by Imam, we should establish Hezbollah cells worldwide

• Khamenei’s representative in IRGC: After the Hakhamaneshian, once again our border is at the Mediterranean Sea


NCRI – The terrorist and religious dictatorship of mullahs in Iran that faces lethal internal and external crises and is entrapped in a deep impasse in the nuclear negotiations where the consequences of retreating from production of the nuclear bomb or insisting on it are equally tremendously dangerous for the regime in its entirety, has found its escape solely in spreading its intervention and warmongering in the countries in the region. Cultivating on the appeasement policy of the United States and Western countries, regime’s leaders from various factions are intensifying their intervention in the countries in the region. To flex their muscles and cloak their weaknesses and internal crises, they are now acknowledging their export of terrorism and fundamentalism and their aggression against countries in the region.

According to the news media, IRGC Major General Shamkhani, Secretary of the regime Supreme National Security Council and a close associate of Hassan Rouhani, declared on March 9 that now “Iran’s navy is present in the Mediterranean Sea and in Bab-el-Mandeb”.

On December 29, this criminal IRGC element exposed the fragile state of the regime and the reason for its interventions during the burial ceremony of IRGC Brigadier General Taqavi who had been killed in Iraq, where he said: “The sick gossipers today question what we are doing in Iraq and Syria. If Taqavis don’t shed their blood in Samarra, we have to shed blood in Sistan, Azerbaijan, Shiraz and Esfahan… Taqavi and the Taqavis today give this blood because before we give blood in Tehran, we have to defend in Samarra and give blood there.”

Ali Younessi, Special Assistant to Rouhani and former Minister of Intelligence and Security, said on March 8: “At present, not only Iraq is under the influence of our civilization, but it is our identity, culture, center and capital. This is the case today and has been the case in the past because the geography of Iran and Iraq is inseparable and our culture is inseparable. Thus, we either have to fight each other or become one.”

We “defend the interests of the people of the region because they are all the people of Iran, all those who live in the Iranian Plateau will enjoy our protection and we shall protect them from the threat of reactionary Islam, atheism and heresy, a new Othman dominion, Wahhabi dominion, Western dominion, and Zionism. The Iranian Plateau has always been the vessel for Iranian ethnicities, Iranian civilization, and Iranian languages. The central, western and eastern sections of the Iranian Plateau have always been the vessel to protect, breed and grow Iranian ethnicities and all those who live in this region are of Iranian ethnicities,” Younessi said according to state-run news media.

The Iranian Plateau that the regime is claiming includes Iran and many countries in the region, particularly those in central Asia and Caucasus region.

State-run news media also quoted Major IRGC General Jafari, Commander-in-Chief of the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), stating at a meeting of Assembly of Experts on March 11: “The advisory role of the Islamic Republic in Iraq and Syria with the assistance and advise of IRGC military commanders” is an achievement of the regime and “today, not just Palestine and Lebanon, but the peoples of Iraq and Syria acknowledge the effective role of the Islamic Revolution”.

On this same day, Fars News Agency affiliated with the IRGC’s Qods Force quoted Qasem Soleimani, Commander of the Qods Force, in a preliminary meeting of the Youth and Islamic Awakening Conference as saying: “Iran is present in southern Lebanon and in Iraq too. Actually, in a way, these regions are affected by the measures and the mindset of Islamic Republic of Iran.”

Hassan Rahimpour Azghadi, member of the regime’s Council of Cultural Revolution that is presided over by Rouhani, said: “According to Quran, according to the constitution, according to unequivocal commands of the Imam and the leadership, according to our Sharia and revolutionary duty, and as our own national interests require, we need to create at a minimum a 100,000 strong jihadi and operational army for Islamic countries and territories that are raided by occupiers such as is the case in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Afghanistan, probably Yemen and other countries of the sort.”

He added: Moreover, “A 100,000 Islamic army needs to be created to serve the world’s wretched in five continents in coordination with the poor states and nations” (State broadcaster Channel 1– February 28). This translates to nothing but the dissemination of terrorism and fundamentalism.

Prior to this, Saeidi, Khamenei’s representative in the IRGC, had said: “One day, our borders were in Shalamche, Haj Omran and Mehran. Today, our border is at the Mediterranean coast.” Underlining that Iran has “twice conquered the Mediterranean coast, once during the Hakhamaneshian era by using weapons and once today by using the Velayat-e faqih,” he added: “Everyone knows that what has been effective in the Lebanese equation has been the Iranian missile; the Iranian power. What saved Iraq was the will and culture of Basij” (State broadcaster Channel 1 – February 9).

Engulfed by unsolvable social, political and economic crises and in tandem with the unprecedented increase in collective and arbitrary executions, the clerical regime has added new dimensions to its meddling and aggressions in the countries in the region and in fanning the flames of sectarian and religious war.

The policy of appeasement with the religious fascism ruling Iran by the United States and Western countries and exerting pressure and suppressing the opposition to this regime and disarming this opposition in Iraq have done the most in assisting the clerical regime to advance this catastrophic policy that has engulfed the whole region in crisis and war.

National Council of Resistance of Iran
Foreign Affairs Committee
March 12, 2015