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Iran:  the Terrorist Mullah’s Trip to Europe Must Be Canceled


The Iranian Resistance strongly condemns the trip of criminal cleric Hashem Hosseini Boushehri, a member of the Presidency of the Assembly of Experts and Vice Chairman of two organs of the regime for the export of terrorism and fundamentalism called “Al-Mustafa Society” and “Al-Zahra Society” to Austria and calls for its cancellation. The mandate of Al-Mustafa Society and Al-Zahra Society is the recruitment of non-Iranian mercenaries and training and organizing them for terrorist operations and expansion of Islamic extremism outside of Iran.

Al-Mustafa Society, where Mullah Boushehri has been its Vice Chairman for years, was formed in 2008 by Khamenei’s order with the merger of two of the regime’s organizations abroad called the “Global Center of Islamic Sciences” and “the organization of theological schools abroad”. Al-Mustafa Society has created “seminaries” in 78 countries and under the cover of cultural and advertising activities advances its goals.
More than 12,500 recruited personnel are trained in Al-Mustafa and Al-Zahra related schools.

Terrorist Qods Force, in coordination with Al-Mustafa Society, recruits suitable people foe terrorist projects. The Qods Force director for Europe and America works in concert with representatives of Al-Mustafa Society in European countries.

The trip of this criminal mullahs to Austria which takes place under the cover of “Propaganda trip”, paves the way for export of terrorism and crisis to Europe and terrorist acts against Iranian refugees in these countries.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
February 26, 2017