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Iranian regime appoints notorious terrorist to Geneva diplomatic post

ImageNCRI – The Iranian regime’s president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad appointed Alireza Mo’ayeri, a notorious terrorist, as ambassador and permanent representative to the United Nations European Headquarters in Geneva, yesterday. In light of Mo’ayeri’s murderous and terrorist past, the Iranian Resistance warns of the clerical regime’s ominous intentions. It calls on the United Nations and the Swiss Government not to accept Mo’ayeri and to deny him entry to that country.

Sirous Nasseri, another of the regime’s diplomat-terrorists, also served as ambassador in Geneva for years and was a key figure in the April 1990 assassination in Geneva of Dr. Kazem Rajavi, NCRI’s Representative in Switzerland.

A summary of Mo’ayeri’s record follows:

1.    Mo’ayeri joined the intelligence bureau of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) in 1979 and helped organize the regime’s intelligence and repressive activities under direction of Mustafa Chamran and his brother.
2.    He actively participated in the brutal suppression of students during the shutdown of universities during the “cultural revolution” in the beginning of 1980.
3.    Mo’ayeri later boasted that after June 20, 1981, he had personally arrested nearly 200 student supporters of the Mojahedin and subsequently executed many of them.
4.    On direct orders from Khomeini, the IRGC was tasked in the early 1980s with the assassination of NCRI President Mr. Massoud Rajavi. Alireza Mo’ayeri was dispatched to France as a diplomat in August 1984 to carry out the order.
5.    Mo’ayeri was in close contact and coordination with diplomat-terrorists, including Vahid Gorji and Massoud Hendi, who perpetrated a series of terrorist operations in France. He was in charge of a sophisticated plot to assassinate Mr. Rajavi.
6.    Mo’ayeri went to Tehran in February 1986 but returned in May of the same year as the Khomeini regime’s emissary to France. The Agence France Presse reported on May 22, 1986, that he had “called for the extradition of all dissidents… and in particular Mr. Massoud Rajavi.” Mo’ayeri was subsequently appointed as the political deputy to then-Prime Minister, Mir-Hussein Moussavi.
7.    Mo’ayeri was appointed as International Affairs Adviser to Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, when he became President, and participated in all Supreme National Security Council sessions in his capacity as the person responsible for sponsoring terrorism and exporting Islamic fundamentalism.
8.    In November 1992, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei appointed Mo’ayeri to head the Office of Liberation Movements, in which capacity he led the efforts to sponsor terror and export Islamic fundamentalism to countries such as Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon, and Kashmir.
9.    In Decmber 1993, when the French Government handed the two assassins of Dr. Kazem Rajavi to the Iranian regime instead of extraditing them to Switzerland to face justice, Mo’ayeri went to Paris along with Amir-Hossein Taghavi, in charge of the Intelligence Ministry’s European Affaris Bureau, and personally escorted the two to Tehran.
10.    In 1998, Mo’ayeri was accredited as ambassador to France, in clear violation of a decision by the European Council of Ministers on April 29, 1997, which prohibited issuing visas to intelligence operatives of the Iranian regime or persons linked to terrorism. Mo’ayeri served as ambassador to France until 2002.

The Iranian Resistance urges the Swiss Government and the United Nations not to accredit Alireza Mo’ayeri as an ambassador and to thwart the Iranian regime’s ominous terrorist and fundamentalist objectives in Europe.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
January 22, 2006