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Mullahs’ intelligence dispatches agent to Albania as refugee to disrupt transfer of Camp Liberty residents

NCRI – The National Council of Resistance (NCRI) Security and Anti-terrorism Committee has previously exposed “Deliberate disruption and stonewalling by Mullahs’ intelligence and agents in the transfer of Liberty residents out of Iraq” to the other countries (NCRI Secretariat statement – 29 September 2013).

As Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, declared on September 19 at the United Nations European headquarters: “The real intention of the mullahs’ regime is not for the PMOI to leave Ashraf or Iraq. It is hell-bent on the physical elimination or the surrender of the PMOI. There is no third option…the clerical regime’s officials clearly said this movement must be wiped off the face of the Earth and from any country that accepts them.”

Khamenei’s Kayhan daily wrote on this topic on September 21: “The Islamic Republic of Iran shall never allow any country to station this terrorist grouplet on its soil and if they do, they should await its political, economic and may be security consequences.” Also previously, clerical regime’s officials and media had threatened the Albanian government that “Balkan countries will in future be witness to bombings and sabotage that are to the interest of U.S. and the Zionist regime” (Mullahs’ News Network –May 17, 2013).

Following these threats, the infamous mullahs’ intelligence has been working to bring its elements to Albania as refugees under the exposed pretext of “ex-PMOI members”. The primary objective of the religious Gestapo is to sabotage the transfer process of PMOI members to this country through espionage, filing false court cases, and disinformation.
One such element by the name of Ehsan Bidi entered Albania on Octobers 16, 2013, under the pretext of refugee and “former PMOI member” with an Iranian passport issued by the Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS). This passport with serial number 16359072, issued on 27 January 2013 and valid for five years clearly shows that refugee status for this individual is utterly meaningless.

PMOI’s representatives and legal advisors in Camp Liberty presented their objections on this matter to UNHCR representatives on October 21. Moreover, in his letter of October 27, 2013, residents’ representative outside Iraq reported the case to UNHCR officials in Geneva by providing the record and contacts of this element with mullahs’ intelligence.

Bidi that some of his family members had been executed because of their support for PMOI, went to Ashraf, Iraq in 2002. In 2003 and 2004, his mother and brother went to Ashraf from Iran and spent several days with him encouraging him to stay in Ashraf. Prior to leaving Iran, he had been twice arrested for ordinary offenses and he tried to gain the trust of PMOI. However, after the attacks on July 28-29, 2009 and April 8, 2011, he could no longer tolerate the situation and once he was relocated to Camp Liberty, on 19 April 2012, he surrendered himself to Iraqi forces and went to Mohajer Hotel that is controlled by elements of MOIS and the terrorist Qods Force. He was subsequently brought into play by regime’s elements in scenarios and shows arranged by mullahs’ embassy against Ashraf and Camp Liberty residents. At the same time, news on Bidi going to Mohajer Hotel was broadcasted by loudspeakers and exhibited by placards around Ashraf by MOIS elements.

On April 28, 2012, a branch of mullahs’ intelligence (called Sahar Foundation) — established after transfer of protection of Ashraf to Iraqi forces for the purpose of suppression of PMOI in Ashraf — wrote : “Ehsan Bidi was the first to exactly escape from the temporary refugee camp of Liberty and reached the Iraqi police force.”
Using the well-known culture and literature of its mullahs’ agents quoted Bidi: “I knew well that leaders of the sect would only get to their ominous objectives by spilling my blood and that of my friends and that they don’t value the lives of human beings a bit… my only wish is that one day the leaders of the sect would be tried for their crimes against the Iranian youth and that my other friends who yearn for freedom would escape from this sect.”

This branch of mullahs’ intelligence also reported on 19 May 2012: “A number of newly arrived families who wanted to go to the Freedom Township [set up by MOIS elements] near the Ashraf base of the sect, met with a number of those who had recently left Rajavi’s sect, in a hotel near Baghdad. Messrs Ehsan Bidi and Ghorbanali Hossein-nejad and a number of others who did not wish their names and pictures disclosed, sat down and talked with the families…” In addition to Ghorbanali Hossein-nejad, Bidi was in contact with another hireling called Saeid Nasseri in the MOIS’s hotel in Baghdad. Nasseri was the man who after the July 28-29 attack used to go to the 36 hostages in Iraqi uniform to interrogate them and get information.

In yet another false and absurd report disseminated by its websites, MOIS quoted Ehsan Bidi who claimed: “A few years ago, people from the organization approached my family and stated that in order to dispatch me to outside of Iraq and get me a lawyer, they need 50 million tomans that my family ought to pay and in case this sum is not paid, I would have no lawyer to follow my case and I would not be transferred out of Iraq and remain in limbo… fortunately, my family was shrewd and did not give in to the heinous demand of this destructive sect.”

Around autumn 2012, Bidi went to Egypt with a forged passport. However, Egyptian officials became suspicious and arrested him. While he was in prison in Egypt, he was in contact with regime’s representation in that country and Haj Nasser, MOIS’s head henchman in regime’s embassy in Baghdad, used to send him money through regime’s representation in Egypt. Mullahs’ intelligence then tried to use its elements to send Bidi to Austria, Finland or Denmark, but despite primary agreements, relevant bodies in these countries refused to accept this exposed element and he was thus returned back to Iraq. For a while, there was no news of him in Baghdad, but later he went to Turkey and then from Turkey to Romania and then to Albania with a passport given to him by MOIS.

NCRI Security and Anti-terrorism Committee brings the attention of Government of Albania and the UNHCR to mullahs’ regime activities in Albania and requests expulsion of this element from Albania. A copy of this element’s Iranian passport is attached.

The Security and Anti-terrorism Committee reminds NCRI statement of October 13, 2013 about portraying mullahs’ intelligence elements and hirelings as refugees and once again calls on European countries and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to prevent abuse by mullahs’ religious fascism elements from the title and facilities for political asylum. It is appropriate to further remind that in April 1997, following the decree by the Mykonos Court that judged regime’s Supreme Leader, President, Foreign Minister and Minister of Intelligence responsible for the assassination of the opposition, the European Union in its resolution demanded eviction of Iranian regime’s intelligence elements from member states.

National Council of Resistance of Iran
Security and Anti-terrorism Committee
December 2, 2013