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on the Verge of the Arab League Summit in Jordan


Iranian Resistance calls for eviction of mullahs’ regime, IRGC & proxy militias from the region

On the verge of the Arab League Summit in Jordan, the Iranian Resistance emphasizes on the necessity to evict the mullahs’ regime and expel the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) and associated proxy militia groups from countries across the Middle East. Designating the IRGC and all affiliates as terrorists is the first and most important step in bringing an end to all wars and increasing crises currently engulfing large portions of the Arab and Islamic World.

The Arab League Summit is being held at a time when developments during the past year have once again proven this truth that the mullahs’ regime will never forgo exporting terrorism, fundamentalism and warmongering as its strategy for survival. This is parallel to increasing social unrest inside Iran and flaring factional disputes, both leaving the mullahs no choice but to further resort to this dreadful strategy.

On January 6 Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei met with families of IRGC members killed in Syria.

“If the malevolent and seditionists, all brewed by the enmity of America and the Zionists, were not stopped [in Syria], we would have been forced to stop them in Tehran, Fars, Khorasan and Isfahan. They quelled the enemy,” he said.

Under Khamenei’s order, the IRGC established numerous groups comprised of terrorist proxies known as the Hezbollah, Ansarollah and dozens of other Iraqi groups to launch massacres against the region’s nations. The IRGC also strengthens and supports Sunni terrorist groups to fuel the sectarian war. The mullahs’ regime is plundering the Iranian people’s wealth, including the waterfall billions rendered following the nuclear deal sealed with the P5+1, all wasted in regional wars.

Developments over the past year have proven that Iran, despite all the overt and covert signals it sends for negotiations and better relations with the Arab World, has practically intensified its aggressive meddling in these countries. Mullah Mehdi Taeb, a member of Khamenei’s inner circle and commander of Fort Ammar, in November 2016 during a state-run TV interview blatantly spoke of a plot for Iran’s proxies in Yemen occupying Saudi Arabia and the holy city of Mecca. Prior to this he had emphasized on Tehran’s influence over four Arab capitals, including Baghdad, Damascus, Beirut and Sanaa. Investigative reports issued by news agencies and remarks made by Yemeni officials in the past few weeks indicate increasing Iranian meddling and an upscale in the effort in smuggling arms and ammunition to the Houthis, and the presence of IRGC members alongside Lebanese and Iraqi proxy group members in various parts of Yemen.

The Syrian opposition delegation involved in the ongoing Geneva talks said Iran is the main obstacle in establishing a ceasefire and reaching a political solution for the Syrian crisis. In Bahrain the mullahs’ terrorist meddling have intensified. In Iraq, Brigadier General Iraj Masjedi, deputy of IRGC Quds Force chief Qassem Suleimani, has been appointed as Iran’s ambassador to this country to establish Iraq as a launching pad for further meddling to the West and South, and engineer the country’s future elections in favor of groups associated to mullahs’ regime. Iran also seeks to take advantage of Iraqi assets to bypass international sanctions.

As they have shown time and again in their demonstrations and protest rallies, the Iranian people loath the mullahs’ meddling and crimes in regional countries and seek nothing but friendship and peace with Middle East nations. Khamenei is plundering the Iranian people’s wealth for warmongering and killings against the region’s people at a time when the regime’s former trade minister said 45 million of Iran’s 80 million population can barely make ends meet. The annual salary of each Iranian has plunged 30% in comparison to 1976, prior to the mullahs’ rise to power. 60% of all Iranians cannot balance their incomes and expenses, and 11 million are living under the poverty line.

To this end, it is high time for Arab and Islamic countries to make the necessary binding decisions and take practical steps in line with evicting the mullahs’ regime and expelling the IRGC and all associates from the region.

This includes exhausting all assets to place the IRGC and all affiliated proxy groups in terrorist lists of the United Nations, United States and European Union. Another necessary step is referring Iran’s Middle East crimes dossier to the UN Security Council, and adopting binding resolutions to expel the IRGC and proxy groups from the region. Also, ending all political and economic relations with Tehran are amongst such measures is considered as a need for peace and tranquility. Iran takes advantage of regional countries, especially Iraq, to bypass international sanctions, procuring much of the needs for the IRGC, its domestic crackdown machine and exporting terrorism through such channels. Ending relations with Tehran will deliver a severe blow to the mullahs and IRGC.

The Iranian people and Resistance are struggling alongside Arab and Islamic countries to overthrow the mullahs’ regime, establish democracy and a popular rule, and peace and stability across the region. Supporting this struggle is dire in establishing peace and tranquility across the Middle East.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
March 28, 2017