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Reminder of Khomeini’s Fatwas During the War With Iraq


Rahim Safavi, Senior Assistant and Advisor to Khamenei, openly admits to sending one million students to the war fronts.

Film productions by the notorious Ministry of Intelligence (MOIS) and its mercenaries against the People’s Mojahedin Organization (PMOI/MEK) to save the regime.

The Peace Commission of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), which was established in October 1982 during the height of the deceptive and inhumane mobilizations for the anti-national war initiated by Ruhollah Khomeini, the Iranian regime’s former Supreme Leader, is hereby informing our fellow compatriots, especially the younger generation who were not aware of the events, of some of the documents and statements of the head of the National Council of Resistance of Iran in this regard. The following were published at that time:

Document nr.1:

Khomeini’s new fatwas (religious decree) published in the Magazine of the Union of Muslim Students Abroad (Issue 62), quoted from the state-run Jomhouri Eslami newspaper, October 31, 1982

Document No. 2 Message from the Head of the National Council of Resistance Regarding Khomeini’s General Mobilization for War November 8, 1982

Question: Under the current circumstances, is parental consent required for sending their offspring to the front lines?

Answer: As long as the front lines need forces, going to the front lines is mandatory, and parental consent is not a condition. – Ruhollah al-Musavi al-Khomeini

Document No. 2

Message from the Head of the National Council of Resistance Regarding Khomeini’s Regime’s General Mobilization for “War”

November 8, 1982

Dear Compatriots,

As highlighted in the latest statement of the National Council of Resistance dated October 24, 1982, Khomeini’s anti-national regime, in its ongoing pursuit of warmongering and aggression, has led thousands of our compatriots to their deaths. Now, while it finds itself on edge, in violation of all United Nations resolutions (particularly UN Resolution dated October 22, 1982) and by undermining all international efforts for peace, it has announced a so-called general mobilization for war. It is once again using deceit and coercion to send vast groups of our compatriots, especially young children, to their deaths.

However, Khomeini’s deceptions have long ceased to affect many, and his regime now relies solely on enacting inhumane laws and issuing various fatwas to threaten and coerce the public into accepting these so-called war mobilizations. In his recent fatwas, published on October 31, Khomeini, the sinister deceiver, has declared with his own handwriting that going to the war fronts is more important than any other duty, from attending school to administrative and service jobs, and he has made it a mandatory obligation for everyone. Even more despicably, he decrees that no attention should be paid to the justified objections of tens of thousands of Iranian parents who oppose sending their young children to the war fronts.

Therefore, the National Council of Resistance, while condemning all of Khomeini’s crimes and deceptions, emphasizes the following:

  1. Khomeini’s warmongering is inherently against the interests of the country and the Iranian people.
  2. In any job or position you hold, avoid providing any assistance or cooperation to Khomeini’s regime. Actively expose his war-mongering policies and deceitful propaganda.
  3. With the slogans of “freedom and peace,” mobilize all your weapons and forces against Khomeini’s anti-national and anti-popular regime.

Massoud Rajavi

Head of the National Council of Resistance

November 8, 1982

Document No. 3

Message from the Head of the Council to the UN Secretary-General – December 1, 1985

The Great Danger Threatening the Lives of Over 10 Million Iranian Students

Dear Secretary-General Javier Pérez de Cuéllar,

Respectfully, as the current session of the UN General Assembly addresses the issue of Iran, and while news of the Khomeini regime’s extensive efforts to send human forces to the war fronts and its declaration of a week-long war mobilization (November 26 to December 2) dominates the regime’s media activities, I draw your attention and that of all peace-loving nations and governments to the great danger threatening the lives of over 10 million Iranian students.

Khomeini’s regime, facing a deadlock in mobilizing human forces for the war due to the increasing resistance and positive and negative struggles of the Iranian people for peace and freedom, has officially put the extensive use of 10 million innocent Iranian students as a source of human forces for the war fronts on its agenda.

On November 12, 1985, the head of the Basij of the Revolutionary Guards announced, “Since two years ago, coordination has been made with the Ministry of Education to establish educational complexes at the war fronts and in brigade and division headquarters, which resulted in 12,000 students taking their final exams at different levels.”

Previously, at a seminar dedicated to examining the issue of the war and the problems of students at the war fronts, Khomeini’s Minister of Education, Kazem Akrami, stated, “The first goal of the Ministry of Education is to devote all its efforts to equip and train 10 million students [for war].”

At the same seminar, the Minister of the IRGC, Mohsen Rafiqdoust, said, “In 1983, during the Kheybar Operation, 57% of the combatants were students.”

The IRGC commander also stated, “The Ministry of Education has established a well-structured presence in the war and has therefore gained official membership in the Khatam al-Anbiya headquarters.”

All these statements have been published in official government newspapers, and a copy of the state-run newspaper Kayhan (November 13, 1985), containing a report on the aforementioned seminar, is attached with an English translation.

Mr. Secretary-General,

Doesn’t this astounding cruelty—an open plan by a government to gradually kill over 10 million innocent students by sending them in waves across minefields in a war that only Khomeini insists on continuing—constitute one of the greatest and bitterest crimes against humanity?

In the name of the just resistance of the Iranian people for the sake of peace and freedom, who have endured over 50,000 executions and more than 140,000 political prisoners in the face of Khomeini’s inhumane repression, and recalling your humanitarian and international obligations and those of the UN General Assembly, I appeal for your help to prevent this horrific tragedy and the systematic massacre of innocent Iranian students by Khomeini’s warmongering and oppressive regime.

Massoud Rajavi

Head of the National Council of Resistance

December 1, 1985

Copies to:

  • International Red Cross
  • Amnesty International

The above cases clearly show the dirty and shameful role of the regime’s filmmakers, who use the label “child soldier” against the Mojahedin to deflect attention and attempt to undermine the Resistance.

Peace Commission of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

Mehdi Abrishamchi- March 17 2024