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The Iranian Resistance condemns the visit of the clerical regime’s notorious and murderous Minister of Intelliegence, Alavi, from Berlin, warns  against exchange information and demands his detention and bringing him to justice


The Iranian regime state media reported that the Iranian regime’s Minister of Intelligence Mahmoud Alavi, at the invitation of German security officials traveled to Berlin and met with the country’s authorities.

Alavi is the head of the secret service of the religious fascism ruling Iran, which has had the most important role in the brutal suppression of dissent for more than three decades. Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz) has stressed in numerous reports that the mission of the Intelligence Ministry (MOIS) is the suppression of opposition inside and outside Iran and their main focus is espionage and following the People’s Mojahedin and the National Coucil of Resistance of Iran.

The clerical regime’s Ministry of Intelligence has been directly complicit in the massacre of 30 thousand political prisoners in the summer of 1988, the serial murders of intellectuals (mainly between 1998 and 2000) and in more than 350 terrorist acts abroad, including Mykonos restaurant assassinations in Berlin (1992).

Last July an Iranian citizen was sentenced to two years and four months prison in a Berlin court on charges of spying for Iranian Ministry of Intelligence against PMOI. The commanding officer of this agent named “Sajjad” is a senior employee of the under the guidance of Alavi. Alavi himself has been in the list of sanctions in the US and Europe for his role in prosecution of the opponents and their execution in Iran. Therefore, in accordance with German law and international law, the Iranian Resistance demands the detention of this criminal and bringing him in front of justice. The NCRI representative in a statement on June 2, 2016 during the prosecution of the said spy, called for an arrest warrant for Alavi.

The Iranian Resistance condemns any exchange of information between German departments with the clerical regime’s secret service and considers it in violation of the basic rights of the opposition members who live in exile in Germnay due to the suppression of this regime.

In May 2000 the then Iranian Minister of Intelligence Ali Younesi – Mahmoud Alavi’s predecessor – said at a press conference in Tehran that continued cooperation with the German security authorities existed and “comprehensive information” about the PMOI has been given to them. In April 2006 and on the outset of the World Cup games in Germany, the Iranian media reported that the Iranian Deputy Misiter of Interior had signed an agreement with the German security departments based on which Germany had committed to curb the activities of the Iranian opposition in exile in Germany. When the German authorities were confronted with the news, they did not deny. Visit of then Minister of Intelligence, Ali Fallahian, a responsible for the Mykonos assassinations, with German intelligence services coordinator in the chancellor’s office of Brendt Schmid Bauer in the midst of judcial case of Mykonos restaurant assassinations, in the mid 90’s, became a political fiasco.

Professor Winfried Hassemer, former vice president of the Supreme Constitutional Court in Germany, in a 122-page legal opinion had denounced influence of foreign policy interests and relations between Germany and Iran on security assessments about PMOI and the Iranian Resistance.

Representative Office of the National Council of Resistance of Iran in Germany

September 7, 2016