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Iran News: Nationwide Protests by Retirees and Workers Amidst Government Repression

On Sunday, May 19, retirees and workers across Iran took to the streets in multiple cities, staging protests against the Iranian regime’s economic policies and demanding better living conditions. The protests were marked by slogans denouncing government corruption and incompetence, as well as calls for higher pensions and improved social services.

In Tehran, retired educators rallied in front of the Planning and Budget Organization in Baharestan Square, chanting, “One embezzlement less, our problem will be solved.” Additionally, goldsmiths from the Hakimi shopping center protested against new tax regulations, adding to the city’s chorus of dissent. Retirees from the steel industry also staged a demonstration in front of the Steel Retirement Fund, reiterating their demands for better pensions.

In Ahvaz, southwest Iran, retirees of the steel industry and the Social Security Organization held a significant rally. Demonstrators chanted, “Incompetent Raisi, go back to the seminary,” and “Neither threats, nor prison, nor executions will stop us,” signaling their defiance against the regime’s repressive tactics. The protesters demanded higher pensions to keep pace with the rising cost of living.

Retirees and pensioners of the Social Security Organization also gathered in Shush and Kermanshah, demanding increased pensions and basic necessities. In Shush, protesters highlighted their plight with the slogan, “Let go of the headscarf, think about us!” This slogan underscores their frustration with the regime’s focus on ideological control over addressing economic hardships.

In Isfahan, steel industry retirees continued their rallies, while in Kerman, workers from the Kerman Railroad company protested the dismissal of their colleagues and the regime’s neglect of their demands. In Mashhad, families with autistic children demonstrated in front of the State Welfare Organization, decrying poor conditions and inadequate services with placards that read, “The silent death of autistic children in Welfare centers.”

In Qom, gold bazaar merchants went on strike to protest new tax laws, joining the nationwide outcry against the government’s economic policies.

Despite a wave of executions and other repressive measures by the Iranian regime, activities by the PMOI Resistance Units are reportedly expanding across the country. The widespread protests on May 19 illustrate the growing discontent among various social groups in Iran, from retirees and workers to educators and specialized professionals.

These demonstrations highlight a common thread of frustration with economic mismanagement and corruption within the Iranian government. As the protests continue to spread, the regime faces mounting pressure from Iranians demanding groundbreaking change.