Sunday, May 22, 2022
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Iranian regime “not qualified” to hold anti-terrorism conference

NCRI – Al-Sharqia Television analyzed the so-called conference against terrorism in Tehran and said: “Is Iranian regime qualified to hold an anti-terrorism conference? This is a question that is astonishing and, perhaps at the same time, ridiculous. A regime that supports paramilitary armed groups in Iraq with money, arms, and explosive packages used to kill, more than anyone else, the Iraqi people, a regime that supervises the despotic suppression of popular demonstration in Syria, constantly shells Iraqi villages in the Kurdistan region, decimates the minorities in Iran, and suppresses demonstrations condemning the sham re-election of Ahmadinejad, does such a regime have the qualifications to hold anti-terrorism conference?”

Iraqi political commentator Falah al-Mashal spoke with al-Sharqia from Jordan and said: “Observers and political commentators collectively believe that the Tehran conference was a strange event. The Iranian regime itself has been classified by many international organizations as a supporter and exporter of terrorism and the neighboring countries have suffered considerable pain from its terrorism, and we, especially in Iraq, have suffered a lot by terrorism that has been exported to Iraq from Iran,” Al-Sharqia reported on June 24.

Al-Mashal condemned Talebani’s participation in that conference and added: “Talebani must have, at least, represented the city of Soleymania [in Iraqi Kurdistan] which is being shelled by the Iranian regime on a daily basis, but we were surprised when we saw that the President of Iraq represented the wishes and desires of the Iranian regime, that is to say that he had gone to Iran to inform them of Iraq’s readiness for shutting down Camp Ashraf.”