Thursday, February 2, 2023
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Maliki responsible for Camp Ashraf massacre and plotting deadly attack on Liberty, MEP warns

NCRI – Iraqi prime minister Nouri al-Maliki is to blame for the Camp Ashraf massacre and either an ‘idiot or a liar’ for denying any knowledge of the seven hostages taken captive during the atrocity, a leading MEP told a conference in Brussels.

Struan Stevenson, chair of European Parliament Delegation for Relations with Iraq, also warned of another deadly attack on Iranian dissidents at Camp Liberty unless the west acted urgently to protect them.

He told the meeting on December 4: “For Nouri al-Maliki to deny any responsibility or any knowledge of the massacre that took place in Camp Ashraf on September 1 is simply absurd.

“These 100 people were there with the agreement of the Iraqi government to negotiate the sale of their properties. And no one could get within 5 kilometers of that camp without watch towers of the Iraqi military stopping them.

“And suddenly a force of assassins dressed in the military uniforms of the Iraqi SWAT team are able to penetrate these check points, carrying heavy weapons, explosives, and conduct this horrific massacre, handcuffing people behind their backs and then executing them, abducting seven hostages, and this all without the knowledge of Nouri al-Maliki.

“Well, he is either an idiot or a liar and I would suggest here that he is both. We now hold him accountable for that massacre.

“Maliki today is in Tehran. I would think in his top of the agenda negotiating the secret deportation of these seven hostages, six of them women, to Iran where they will face certain torture and execution.

“I am sure he is negotiating with the mullahs to help him win a third election on the 30 of April next year because he couldn’t possible do without the help of mullahs.”

Mr Stevenson called on the EU, US and UN to demand the immediate release of the hostages and call for a full UN-led public inquiry into the Ashraf massacre so that those responsible could be brought to justice.

He also stressed that Iraq had signed an agreement with the US and UN promising to protect camp Liberty residents after they were transferred from Ashraf – but repeated rocket attacks proved al-Maliki was providing no security at all, Mr Stevenson said.

He added: “He is now in total flagrant breach of the memorandum of understanding he is trying to divert public attention from blood on his hands after the massacre in Ashraf.”

Al-Maliki was now preparing to use the issuing of 107 bogus arrest warrants against Liberty residents as an excuse to launch another major attack that could result in hundreds more deaths, Mr Stevenson warned.

He said: “He will be discussing this right now today in his visit to Tehran. The west better be aware of this. We have said for two years now rescue these people. Get them out of camp Liberty. Get them out to safety.