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Struan Stevenson: Lift the fuel siege on Camp Liberty

NCRI – The United Nations must take urgent action to force the government of Iraq to lift a food, fuel and sanitary blockade which it has imposed against thousands of members of Iran’s main opposition group, the People’s Mojahedin, PMOI (Mujahideen e Khalq, MEK), since last Tuesday, says Struan Stevenson, a former European lawmaker with specialized expertise on Iraqi affairs.

Mr. Stevenson, a former President of the European Parliament’s Delegation for Relations with Iraq and current President of the European Iraqi Freedom Association (EIFA), says it is an “absolute disgrace” that the United Nations “simply washes its hands, turns its back and walks away” from the human rights crisis facing PMOI (MEK) members in Camp Liberty.

He made the recorded video appeal on Thursday following a conference in the United Kingdom’s House of Commons on the human rights situation in Iran and Camp Liberty in which Mr. Stevenson was the keynote speaker.

Below is the video clip and full text of his appeal.

Struan Stevenson, former Conservative MEP representing Scotland in the European Parliament and President of the Parliament’s Delegation for Relations with Iraq and current President of the European Iraqi Freedom Association (EIFA), July 16, 2015:

The crisis in Camp Liberty right now is absolutely catastrophic.

I am appalled that we have watched for many, many months as the siege of Camp Liberty has continued with the 2,500 registered refugees being denied proper access to medical care, to medicines, they are denied visits from friends, family members, lawyers, or Members of Parliament.

It’s unbelievable that the United Nations can continue to recommend that this should be called a Temporary Transit Location (TTL).

We were assured when the people were moved from Camp Ashraf to Camp Liberty that it would be on a revolving door basis: That the people would be taken 400 at a time from Camp Ashraf. They would be individually interviewed, registered as refugees by the United Nations and then in a revolving door system they would be sent to countries to safety outside of Iraq before the next 400 people came from Camp Ashraf.

Four years later we still have 2,500 people in Camp Liberty and the reason that a thousand of them are no longer there is because hundreds of them have been killed – massacred by the Iraqis used as puppets by their sponsors in Iran who wish to liquidate all of these people.

The Albanians are the only country – who are not even a member of the E.U. – who have rescued hundreds of these refugees from Camp Liberty, and we thank the Albanian government from the depths of our hearts for their humanitarian purpose.

But I want to say to the United Nations: why are they not standing up and being counted? All 2500 people in Camp Liberty are registered refugees so how is it that they are incarcerated inside security fences with guard towers with machine guns pointing in at them and not pointing out protecting them from terrorist attacks?

Why is it that after two days of 50°C heat in Baghdad during Ramadan, the food supplies, fuel supplies, and medical supplies are not being allowed to enter the camp?

These people now without fuel have no air conditioning, their food is rotting in the heat in the trucks that have been barred from access to the camp, and their medicines in the refrigerators with no electricity are going wrong.

Why is it in a refugee camp the United Nations simply washes its hands, turns its back and walks away? They should hold their heads in shame. This is an absolute disgrace.

I have written today to the prime minister of Iraq Heydar al-Abadi demanding that he end this blockade of Camp Liberty, but it’s up to the United Nations to do something.

Why are they not thumping the table, putting out press releases saying these people are registered refugees; You cannot abuse their human rights; You cannot allow their lives to be injured in this way. It is an absolute outrage, and the United Nations will be held to account for this as well as the Iraqis and Faleh Fayaz, the Iraqi puppet who’s in charge of the oppression of these people.

He had better watch his back because he will be brought in to The Hague one day along with his political masters, and they will stand trial for abuse against human rights, for abuse against humanity, for the crimes they have committed.

I call again finally on the United Nations to get off your backsides and do something to help these people.