Thursday, February 2, 2023
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Tom Ridge: US and UN ‘must keep its promise to protect Liberty’

NCRI – The US and United Nations must keep their promise to protect Camp Liberty before more Iranian dissidents are murdered in Iraq, former Homeland Security secretary Tom Ridge has demanded.

Iraq must also return 17,500 T-walls, bullet proof vests and helmets to protect the residents from further attacks, he said.

Mr Ridge was speaking at a conference in Washington DC commemorating the 52 Iranian dissidents members of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran murdered at Camp Ashraf on September 1.

He said: “Unless the United States government and the United Nations keep their promises, sadly, there will be more.

“Promises have been made. They’ve been unkept, so they are worthless.

“It’s truly a nightmare for those in Camp Liberty and a nightmare for those who live in Iran who are subjected to this repressive theocracy that can think of only one way to deal with dissent and that’s to put it down.

“And, unfortunately, after nearly two trillion dollars and 4,500 lives, American lives, we find that their greatest ally in the region is a morally corrupt bankrupt Maliki, who has chosen to side with the devil, the Supreme Leader.

“We bear some of the responsibility in this country, though. We can’t just put it on Iran and we cannot put it on Iraq and we just cannot put it on the UN.

“So we’re going to call on American government to do what’s right again and again and again. The idea of America is when you make a commitment, we keep it.

“What we need in the future is we need a permanent UN blue-helmeted presence at Camp Liberty now. We need the protective T-walls. We need the vests. We need the helmets.”

Addressing Iraqi prime minister directly, Mr Ridge added: “If you think about it, Mr. Maliki, in your evil brethren, the Supreme Leader, you haven’t dowsed the flame of the idea, you’ve added fuel to it because, upon their deaths, the dream grows stronger, the commitment grows stronger.

“And don’t think for one minute that their deaths will extinguish the flame, eliminate the hope or change their idea, the commitment to the idea that yearns in their heart and in their head and the cause for which they died.”