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UN has ‘lost its integrity’ as a result of Martin Kobler’s actions, Ex-UN official

NCRI – The United Nations evicted thousands of Iranian dissidents from Ashraf to the ‘Camp Liberty prison’ on the basis of falsified reports from its representative in Iraq, a former UN official has declared.

Taher Boumedra blamed his former boss Martin Kobler for his lies that convinced the UN to move thousands of Ashrafis to the highly dangerous new Camp Liberty, near Baghdad airport.

And the integrity of the UN was now at stake as a result of Kobler’s actions, former UNAMI official Mr Boumedra said.

He told a protest meeting outside the UN’s headquarters in New York: “It is time for the Ashrafis to have those who misled them to be held accountable, and they must restore credibility and integrity of the UN.

“But as long as the Ashraf issue is dealt with through falsified reports, there will be problems ahead and it is time for the UN to hear my voice. I requested repeatedly a commission of inquiry to look into what I have said publicly at different occasions.”

And referring to Kobler who was giving a speech to the UN at the same moment, he added: “I address these words to the members of Security Council who are listening a false report today.

“The report that is going to be presented to them is all based on allegations, and all based on presumption of guilt of the Ashrafis.

“So it is time to stop this process and restore the integrity of the UN by launching this inquiry and hold those who misled the international community accountable.”


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