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U.S. Congressman: Iraqis and their government are not willing to submit to desires of Iran

U.S. Congressman Ed TownsIn a letter to the Iraqi Prime Minister Ibrahim Jafari on August 12, the U.S. member of Congress Edolphus Town expressed his concern over the disappearance of two PMOI members in Iraq. A copy of his letter was also sent to the Iraqi Foreign Minister and several international human rights bodies which in part reads: “Terrorism is a great impediment to the establishment of freedom and democracy in Iraq. It is our responsibility to aid Iraqis who are interested in an independent and democratic country.

“We are aware that some of the neighboring countries such as Iran are interfering in your affair in pursuing their objectives. We also know that Iraqis and their elected government are not willing to submit to the abusive desires of the Iranian government in fulfillment of their dreams.

“I have just learned that two  members of the Mojahein Khalgh (MEK)
Have been kidnapped in Baghdad by the Ninth Bader Brigade( a group with close association with Iran’s tyrants) and Iraqi security forces. An AP report released today identified the two individuals as Hossein Pouyan and Mohammad Ali Zahedi.

“They were abducted on Thursday, August 4, 2005 in Baghdad central Neighborhood of Karradeh. Their "protected person" status prompted me to reiterate your responsibility for their lives. The reports indicate that these two are now kept in Al Amareh, in southern Iraq. It is of great importance that you safeguard the lives of these two dissidents and be sure that they will be returned to Camp Ashraf.

“We are genuinely concerned about Iranian Cleric’s intervention in Iraqi affairs and consider these interferences an impediment to the establishment of tranquility and security in Iraq that is the most important need of Iraqis at this juncture.

“We ask you not to allow the actions of the Iranian leaders adversely affect the Iraqi people.”