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Brief on Iran’s nationwide uprising October 29, 2022

Brief on Iran’s nationwide uprising October 29, 2022

By Zolal Habibi
The Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)

Today, Saturday, October 29, 2022, protests continued in dozens of cities across Iran, and tens of universities throughout the nation. While protests continued well into midnight on Friday in cities across Iran.

As protests continue to grow on university campuses, in defiance of the regime, in a brutal act plainclothed agents raided the Sadaf dormitory of Jondishapour University in Ahvaz.

A large protest formed in Arak, during the burial ceremony of a 19-year-old protester who had been arrested and killed while in custody.

People in Mahabad destroyed monuments of the symbol of the Iranian regime.

Following the death of a detainee in Sanandaj, people gathered outside Kowthar hospital. The Golan dormitory of the Kurdistan university of medical sciences which overlooks the hospital was attacked with live ammunition by IRGC and State Security Forces.

Clashes have also been reported in Ardabil, in central Azerbaijan province.
Today marks Cyrus the Great Day. The regime has blocked all roads leading to Pasargadae, the tomb of Cyrus the Great in Fars Province, preventing people from holding gatherings there.

The criminal IRGC Chief, Hossein Salami warned protesters that Saturday would be the last day they will be taking to the streets. His remark is a clear acknowledgment of the regime’s failure to quell the Iranian people’s nationwide uprising. It is also an indication of the regime’s intention to further intensify brutal suppression in the coming days.

On Friday, October 28, marking the 43rd day of the uprising, tens of thousands of locals in Zahedan, the capital of Sistan and Baluchestan, took to the streets with chants of “Death to Khamenei.”

The IRGC and Special Unit forces opened fire on protesters, according to local activists, at least 6 people, including a 12-year-old child, were killed and many were wounded in yesterday’s protests in Zahedan.

Clashes between people and IRGC forces continued in Saravan, Iranshahr, and Zahedan. Women and children were among the killed and wounded. In Zahedan, people blocked roads and continued hit-and-run clashes with fully armed suppressive forces. Earlier on September 30, the regime’s forces opened fire on Zahedan residents, MEK network inside Iran registered the death of at least 120 people.

On Friday, October 28, the regime called for a pro-regime counter-demonstration following the official Friday Prayer ceremon, which turned into a total failure.

In addition, Khamenei’s representatives were instructed to focus their attacks against the MEK and its role in the uprising during Friday sermons, followed by chants of “death to MEK.” The regime is extremely concerned with the activities of MEK resistance units and the MEK network inside Iran.

According to reports by the MEK, the number of deaths in Iran’s nationwide uprisings, which has spread to 203 cities nationwide in its sixth week, is more than 450, and the number of detainees exceeds 25,000.