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Amid Coronavirus Outbreak, Shocking Images from Iran Show a New Phenomenon: Underground-Dwellers

Life in underground in Iran under the mullahs rule
Life in underground in Iran under the mullahs rule

Amid the coronavirus outbreak in Iran, which has so far claimed the lives of over 33,400 people across Iran due to the regime’s inaction and cover-up, the release of a video of the life of a group of poor “underground dwellers has shocked the society.

Since the coronavirus outbreak, the Iranian regime has been trying to blame U.S. sanctions for COVID-19’s high mortality rate and other social crisis such as poverty. This is while the regime’s financial institutions control billions of dollars.  

This video angered the people since it showed how these poor people are being bothered by the mullahs’ demonic system. 

This shocking film was made on March 16, 2020, and published on April 20, 2020, on the state-run website of Hamshahri TV. Although the issue of the underground of the unfortunate victims of addiction is not new, the release of this film has attracted a lot of attention on social media. It has caused a wave of public disgust. 

The presence of such sites in the context of the widespread outbreak of coronavirus can be one of the leading causes of the spread of this disease. 

Meanwhile, the institutions under the control of the regime’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, alone have hundreds of billions of dollars, plundered from the Iranian people. There are also many reports of widespread corruption and rent-seeking by the regime’s looters every day.  

The state-run Jomhuri – e Eslami daily, in its editorial by mullah Massih Mohajer, who has been the editor-in-chief of this newspaper since 1981, wrote on April 9: “Considering the economic recession caused by the coronavirus, what will the big financial institutions such as the Execution of Imam Khomeini’s Order, the Mostazafan Foundation of Islamic Revolution and Astan Quds do if they do not spend their money for the impoverished people?” 

In such a situation, the existence of such places is not only heartbreaking for any human being who witnesses these scenes, but it also shows the depth of the tragedy and chains of crises because of the mullahs’ reign. 

In one of the latest corruption cases in the regime, $4 8 bn went missing in Hassan Rouhani’s government and its was revealed during their infightings. This is the new embezzlement and corruption case of Rouhani’s government. 

The existence of underground-dwellers is a disgrace to the mullahs, who have destroyed Iran.  

Reports and footages from Iran indicate that on Wednesday, the Iranian regime’s suppressive forces attacked and destroyed impoverished people’s houses in Khorramabad province in western Iran. Many of these people were flood-stricken people living in makeshift houses.  

As Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the president-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), said: The mullahs are annihilators of Iran’s economy and its human and material resources.”  

Therefore, as Mrs. Rajavi has repeatedly said: “Today, not only the freedom of the people of Iran, but their very lives and health, and the country’s economy and existence depend on the overthrow of the clerical regime.”