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Detention of a Cultural Activist by Iran Regime’s Ministry of Intelligence in South-Western Iran

NCRI Staff

NCRI – On Wednesday, October 1, 2017, the Iranian regime’s intelligence office in Southwest Iran arrested a cultural activist. According to reports, the intelligence agents arrested Ahmad Sa’labi Hessani, 25, on Wednesday in his shop in Ahvaz.

Hassani’s relatives say the intelligence forces arrived with three black Peugeot cars and arrested him in his shop, handcuffed and then took him to his house before taking him away along with a number of Arabic books after a thorough examination of the house.

So far, his family is unaware of any allegations for his arrest.

Ahmad is a cultural activist and a protest campaigner to issues like air and environmental pollution and changing the course of Karoun River in Khuzestan province. He promotes Arab culture in the region and has also been active in cyberspace and social media.