Thursday, September 21, 2023
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Iran: Call to Abolish Death Sentence for Ahmad Reza DJalali


Iranian Resistance strongly condemns the death sentence for Dr. Ahmad Reza DJalali and calls on all international human rights advocates to take immediate and effective action to abolish this cruel sentence.

Mr. DJalali, a resident of Sweden, was arrested on April 24, 2016, and was sentenced to death by the Iranian regime’s courts in September 2017. Only a few days later, the Supreme Court of the mullahs’ approved the verdict. Throughout this process, he has been deprived of a fair trial, even within the framework of the human rights law of the mullahs’ regime, including the right to appeal.

The verbal condemnation of this criminal judgment by the European Union and the member states, is by no means sufficient. The inaction of the international community, especially the Western countries against mass executions, the brutal and systematic violations of human rights in Iran, has encouraged ruling religious fascism in the issuance and implementation of these medieval rulings.

The edited and assembled broadcast of Mr. DJalali’s compulsory confession by state television, and his family’s emphasis that he has confessed under pressure and the denial of content of confession indicates that the purpose of these scenes is to blackmail European countries and create an atmosphere of horror inside Iran.

Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
December 26, 2017