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Iran: Deterioration of Political Prisoner’s Health on the 38th Day of Hunger Strike in Tabriz Prison


NCRI – The health condition of political prisoner Habib Sasanian, an Azari civil activist, is reported to be deteriorated on the 38th day of hunger strike in Tabriz prison and his family are extremely worried about his physical and health situation.

According to Sasanian’s wife, in a meeting with Habib on Tuesday, July 18, she found out about serious health condition of this political prisoner and added: “I did not recognize him at the beginning of the meeting.”

Habib’s wife also learned about her husband’s kidney and stomach pain and said that Habib has lost nearly 15 kilogram of his body weight.

This civil activist incarcerated in Tabriz prison was transferred to the prison’s infirmary on July 13, 2017 due to deterioration of health condition on his 32nd day of hunger strike.

According to reports, he is under intense pressure to the prison officials to break his hunger strike.

Habib has staged a hunger strike since Monday, June 12, 2017, to protest his illegal detention and uncertain status of his case as well as interference and influence of the Ministry of Intelligence in the process of judicial review of the case.

On Monday, July 17, 2017, the hearing on charges against Habib Sasanian and five other Azari activists was held at Branch 3 of the regime’s Revolutionary Court in Tabriz, where Habib did not attend the trial like before.

Habib Sasanian was arrested along with five civil activists on May 15, 2016 in the city of Ardebil. The charges laid agaiunst these political prisoners include “formation of a group to undermine the security of the country and collusion against national security.” However, these civil activists have rejected the charges. They were arrested because of their civil activities by the regime’s intelligence agencies and severely tortured in order to make false confessions.

Habib Sasanian was born in 1974 and married. He is an electronic and communication engineer and has two 11 and 15 years old children. He is currently spending his 14th month of illegal and temporary detention in central prison of Tabriz. This political prisoner is suffering from high blood pressure and eye pain and is deprived of any medical treatment.