Wednesday, February 8, 2023
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Iran: New repressive measures enforced to prevent unrests

Tabriz demonstration on May 22NCRI – New suppressive measures have been adopted by the Iranian regime to counter possible unrests in Tabriz, provincial capital of Eastern Azerbaijan.

According to reports from Tabriz a security plan for traffic have been introduced as a cover to check and control members of public specially the youth. In recent days, suppressive agents have been standing on major junctions and streets in Tabriz harassing people. On Sunday, August 20, a number of girls and young women were arrested by suppressive agents at Abressan junction. They were seen to be taken away amid their protest.

Azeri speaking provinces in northwestern Iran were the scenes of widespread anti-government protests last May. Up to five hundred thousand people were reported to have participated in a major demonstration in Tabriz on May 22. In some cases peaceful demonstrations were brutally suppressed. In clashes between people on one hand and the Revolutionary Guards on the other at least six were reported killed and dozens wounded. Unrests continued for three weeks which made the regime to enforce an undeclared marshal law.