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Iran: The Political Prisoners in Other Prisons Join the Hunger Strike in Solidarity

By NCRI Staff

NCRI – A group of political prisoners of Ardabil Prison, Northwestern Iran, in a letter to the Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Iran and the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights expressed their support and sympathy with the prisoners on hunger strike in Gohardasht prison located in Karaj, West of the capital Tehran, urging the authorities to address their issues including the prison’s poor condition.

According to the latest reports from sources close to the prisoners, more than 20 political prisoners on strike have been constantly continued their protest for 25 days so that their demands to be addressed. The health condition of prisoners on strike is deteriorating. The doctors are not allowed to enter the wards for medical examinations and no prisoner is transferred to the healthcare facility as well.

The letter of political prisoners of Ardabil Prison reads,

“Dear Ms. Asemeh Jahangir,

Dear Mr. Zeid bin Ra’ad,

We as the political prisoners on exile in Ardabil Central Prison express our support and sympathy with the prisoners of Gohardasht Prison who have gone on hunger strike. We ask you to address the situation of the political prisoners at Hall 10 of Gohardasht Prison. Our imprisoned brothers have been going on hunger strike for 25 days to protest against their transfer from Hall 12 to 10, the failure to address their demands to return to the previous hall, violent acts such as assault at the time of transfer, and the non-delivery of their personal property. We the political prisoners on exile will start our hunger strike from Thursday, August 24, 2017, until Wednesday, August 30, 2017, to support our oppressed brothers.

We call on you and the international authorities to address the demands of these prisoners as well as the other political prisoners who have been experiencing the similar situation in the country. We also ask you to send a request to visit the prisons and talk to the political prisoners in Iran.

The political prisoners of Gohardasht Prison suffer from serious health conditions after 25 days of strike. There are old people among them that suffer from heart disease, diabetes, and various diseases. They have been infected during their time of captivity.

We the political prisoners, as well as the Iranian people, demand that the situation of prisoners on strike to be addressed as soon as possible and therefore, they will be able to return to their previous place.

The will of all Iranians is the release of political prisoners and the halt of executions in Iran.

Many Thanks,
The political prisoners on exile, Ardabil Central Prison
August 23, 2017″