Monday, June 27, 2022
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Iranian regime’s repressive measures and wave of arrests

NCRI – Arresting 37 women and men in a mixed party in Yazd’s Mehravaran district

According to state news agency Tabnak on September 30, 16 young women and girls along with 21 men were arrested in a house in Mehravaran district in Yazd for participating in a mixed party.

It is said that except a few who have been released on bail, others are still being detained by the law enforcement forces.

Two of Tehran-North Freeway workers arrested

With a complaint made by the employer, two of the Tehran-North Freeway workers have been arrested because of the workers’ recent protests.

It should be pointed out that during the rallies which was held from Tuesday September 20 for a week, 70 of Tehran-North Freeway Project contractor workers were protesting against not being paid for 4 months and a half. According to reports, one of the detainees is an excavator driver while the other one has been working as a welder in Tehran-North Freeway Project.

Gachsaran: Places Administration and special unit agents confiscate some women’s outwear in shops

According to a report from Gachsaran on Wednesday September 28, Places Administration agents along with two Special Unit officers have confiscated all low-necked and written women’s clothing. According to this report, at least one of the protesters have been arrested.