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Iran’s COVID-19 Crisis Amplifies and People Blame the Regime


Iran is plagued with the Covid-19 crisis. The new Delta variant spreads rapidly across Iran, killing an Iranian every two minutes. The regime’s engineered statistics also show the grim face of a humanitarian crisis in Iran.

“The number of the Covid-19 patients and death is rising. This happens while the fifth Covid-19 wave has not reached its peak. Given the current circumstances, we need at least 180 million doses of credible foreign vaccines,” wrote the state-run Hamdeli daily on August 14.

“The international organizations agree that the incidence and mortality rate in Iran will be increasing for at least the next month. Of course, such a prediction is for the normal situation and conditions where there are no gatherings and occasional ceremonies in the country and the factors that result in more gatherings,” Hamdeli adds.

According to the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), Over 364,400 people have died of the novel coronavirus as of August 15.

The current crisis is the result of the regime’s inhumane Covid-19 policy. The regime denied the virus existence for at least a month since it arrived in Iran. When the virus spread across Iran and people were rapidly losing their lives, the regime’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, denied the entry of credible vaccines.

“We did not have a permit to import vaccines until late March. We still don’t have permits to import coronavirus medicine from Australia,” said the spokesperson of the regime’s Red Crescent according to state TV on Sunday.

In another shocking remark on August 12, Alireza Zali, head of Tehran Covid-19 Task Force, acknowledged: “When the World Health Organization experts came to Iran, instead of consulting with them, we constantly asked them to praise the [regime’s] health system in the media. We hid the death toll from the World Health Organization. We rejected the international aid and Médecins Sans Frontières without having much knowledge about the virus and did not seek international advice.”


“Zali’s startling remarks were a great shock and, of course, a confirmation of the speculations among the public about the officials’ actions about announcing the Covid-19 outbreak and vaccination in Iran,” the state-run Arman daily wrote in this regard on Sunday.

The regime long tried to blame the international sanctions for the Covid-19 crisis. But, Zali’s recent remarks “underline an important point,” as Arman daily underlines, that “sanctions that were constantly blamed by the [officials] and media for the current crisis did not ban the imports of vaccines. Official bitter decisions and approach of ignoring people caused this crisis.”

“Since the beginning of the outbreak, the [regime] has had the currency to import the vaccine and has not had any problems in this regard. Even the government has been able to provide for the living expenses of the people during the holidays and quarantine amid numerous Covid-19 waves,” the state-run Hamdeli daily on August 14 wrote.

“The country and the people are no longer able to pay the price of the wrong decisions of the authorities. For some time now, hospitals have not had a place to receive patients, and the medical staffs are tired. The country’s health system is collapsing, and the time of trial and error is over. Many times such experiences have produced catastrophic results,” Aftab-e Yazd daily wrote on August 15.

The more the Covid-19 crisis deepens, the people’s hatred increases toward the regime, mainly toward Khamenei, who banned the import of vaccines.

The state-run Resalat daily on August 15 acknowledged that the regime’s “enemies” are “are trying to put the government at the forefront of the issue of increasing the number of the Covid-19 deaths in Iran and consequently blame the Supreme Leader for these casualties.”

These enemies are poor Iranians. A video from Iran showed a woman who lost her husband, underlining she will take revenge from Khamenei. The Iranian opposition has informed the public about the regime’s deception and Khamenei’s role in this crisis, directing people’s hatred toward the real preparator of this crisis.

“Demonstrating the inefficiency of the government to control coronavirus is a tactic that can be dangerous if continued. The enemy seeks to increase the gap between the people and people using the coronavirus and target Khamenei. Meanwhile, all the officials, decision-makers, and the country’s media must confront this cowardly and inhuman wave and shed light on the suspicions,” Resalat warned about the consequences of the Iranian opposition shedding light on Khamenei and his regime’s role in this crisis.

In other words, the Iranian know the regime has caused and amplified the current Covid-19 crisis, and Khamenei has failed in controlling the restive society using the Covid-19 outbreak. What he once called a “blessing” had become a nightmare for him and his regime.