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Public execution in Iran – with all details

Public execution in Iran - with all details Human rights Organization shows a film

By Hans-Helmut Kohl

Frankfurter Rundschau – With the first public broadcasting in Paris of an execution secretly filmed in Iran, organizations of human rights have pointed to the growing number of opponents’ executions by the mullahs’ regime.

The film which was only 17 minutes was made in June, 2006 in the city Ghazvin in the south of the Iranian capital, Teheran. It shows the execution of an unknown man who is hung by a crane on a truck which pulls him up. The ordeal takes about several minutes, while a lot of spectators cry aloud behind the gates, the victim-a man of approximately 45 years of age-is then taken away in a truck.

The film was shown publicly on Thursday (September 14th) by the « committee of support for the human rights in Iran» (CSDHI) in a Paris event centre. So far, there have been only secret pictures on executions in Iran, shown abroad. Apart from the CSDHI which is related to the «National Council of Resistance of Iran ", Amnesty International also pointed to the case of  Valiollah Feyz Mahdavi who died on September 5th, 2006 in a Teheran hospital.

Mahdavi had been arrested in 2001 as he wanted to leave Iran. He had managed to transmit news from inside the prison in his last calls in April; a document broadcasted during the debate. In this audio recording, Mahdavi had reported that he had spent 546 days in torture cells of different prisons. As a member of the resistance, he was born in 1980 and sentenced to death in 2003 by a judge, without a lawyer to defend him.

He was told that he will be executed on May, 16 at the beginning of the year.  After that he was approached by guards at nights that would take him out of his solitary confinement and carry out mock executions every night.

This dissident, who according to the CSDHI had lived his “five years between life and death” had been taken on September 3, to an unknown place. On September 6, it was officially declared that he had hung himself in the shower of the Gohardasht prison in Teheran, one day before.

Amnesty asked the Teheran government to examine his death circumstances as well as those of the student activist Akbar Mohammadi who died in the Teheran Evin prison on July, 31st, 2006. As for the two last months only, CSDHI has reports about dozens of public executions in Iran.