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Iran Regime’s Economic Policies Have Turned Society Into a Powder Keg, Officials Say

Iran -Shiraz protest, August 2018 – file photo

Due to the Iranian regime’s institutionalized corruption and plundering the wealth of the country, Iran’s economy is in a freefall. Iranian society, after 40 years of corruption and oppression, is now like a powder keg. This has forced the regime’s officials to admit to part of the regime’s corruption.  

On Monday, the state-ruEtemad Online news agency published an interview with Mohammad-Reza Mortazavi, presented as the “Head of the Iranian Flour Makers Association and President of the Iranian Food Industry Associations.”     

In parts of his interview Mortazavi acknowledged: “As the employer, we [the regime] should add 30% a year to workers’ salary. But the current financial oligarchy takes fifty percent of workers wages, leaving them nothing.”  

In another part of his interview Mortazavi said: “Recently I told one of the judiciary officials, who was complaining about the domestic vehicle, that our domestic vehicle production ended up in this situation because of a wrong judiciary verdict. I was looking at the statistics. Although I am a supporter of the domestic vehicle industry, yet one feels sorry to see we could decrease 20,000 to 36,000 road accidents and deaths a year with just a little endeavor.”  

Since the regime took power in 1979, the mullahs’ inner circle and affiliates have been plundering people’s wealth for their personal use or to fund terrorism and oppression. This policy has created a huge gap between the social classes.  

In the Iranian society, during these past years, a lot of wealth was stolen by some people. This bread is not halal. It is stolen bread, and some people became poor, Mortazavi added.  

Iran's economic situation and injustice will lead to a revolution, regime insider says

In this regard, Mortazavi said: “In our Islamic country, I witnessed with my own eyes how they closed two ends of a road while searching the cars, and yet they then serve alcohol in the restaurant [located in that road for wealthy people]. Once I was passing by and saw one of these restaurants. When the door opened, smelt the alcohol. It was so strong that you could set the restaurant on fire with a lighter.” He continued: “I have seen buildings where their elevator alone haan equal value to the wealth of forty workers. This is clear discrimination. It has two damages: first, when a worker sees his belongings are shrinking daily and on the other hand sees these differences, he becomes frustrated. Second, this frustration turns to anger, and this anger turns to the working-class revolution and obliteration of the government, as had happened in Russia.”  

While showing his real concern, which is of the regime’s downfall, Mortazavi further warned the regime’s officials and saidThis social hatred that has engulfed the middle class is one of the factors hindering prosperity in the country. This hatred will turn to resentment.  remember the first days of the revolution. Some people were running into houses, confiscating those houses I see that day and it is crystal clear to me, that those days are coming back. As someone who knows and looks at society, I see that this hatred is growing and [will turn into a revolution] will explode.”   

“I see the day when workers attack these busty hills and burn them to the ground,” he asserted.  

These remarks reflect the regime’s utter fear of an uprising and its looming downfall. The regime’s mishandling of the coronavirus outbreak and oppression should be added to its economic failure, that together have turned the Iranian society into a powder keg that takes a spark to explode and, as Mortazavi said, will “burn” the regime” to the ground.