Monday, October 18, 2021

News From Inside Iran’s Regime

News from inside Iran’s regime
News from inside Iran’s regime

The news items in this section are obtained through the Iranian regime’s inner sources or different entities inside the regime.  The news is obtained by the internal network of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK)   

The decision by the regime’s president Hassan Rouhani to reinitiate businesses and its consequences  

The Iranian regime’s president, Hassan Rouhani, announced on Sunday, April 5, that as of Saturday, April 11, normal work and business activities will recommence. He announced this decision during his cabinet meeting. Following this decision, numerous reports of its dangerous consequences were published. The following report includes some points made by a pulmonary and infectious disease specialist doctor who works at the Khomeini Hospital in Tehran during a private session.   

1-The authorities made a huge mistake at the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak. When the coronavirus symptoms were first seen in January, they should have quarantined the country, but they didn’t.   

2-Due to the government’s actions and policies, people highly mistrust the regime, and everything has become normal for them and people don’t listen to the government. One of the reasons for this mistrust is that the regime doesn’t announce the real statistics [of the coronavirus victims]. The situation is critical, crisis and catastrophes in Iran will soon begin.   

3-Hassan Rouhani’s new decision of announcing that starting Saturday business activities will begin will create a new crisis and starting next Saturday, problems in the country will begin.   

4-The Government’s inaction and uncertainty are taking its toll on people’s lives. People are frustrated. The state told them to stay at home, but they have done nothing for people so when they stay at home, how their economic and living issues are going to be resolved. For this reason, while the Minister of Health and his deputy beg, people don’t listen, because they don’t have anything to eat if they stay at home. Hassan Rouhani’s actions will paralyze people for at least 3-4 months.   

5-On April 5, Dr. Iraj Harirchi, Deputy Minister of Health and the secretary-general of the headquarters for combatting the coronavirus, said: “We couldn’t control, now we are trying to manage, but we can’t handle it. The crisis remains unresolved.”  

6-Hassan Rouhani only cares about the economy. He preferred the economy over the death of tens of thousands of people. Unfortunately, he has chosen that over tens of thousands of people’s lives.   

7-The number of those diagnosed or passed away is very much high and the regime’s statistics are not real. The number of those coming to hospitals is very much high. The country’s treatment situation is such that many of those people are not registered and counted. They don’t even give real statistics to the Ministry of Health. When in only one clinic, 30 people are infected and tested positive, how could they give an actual number? We sent so many people home to recover, while they all had the coronavirus symptoms, yet they are not included in statistics and we don’t announce them.   

8-Hospitals are full and have no rooms left. We don’t have the requirements to hospitalize if we decide to, a patient at the hospital. I have a patient who has had four heart attacks and should be hospitalized. But since March 17 I couldn’t find any hospital in Tehran to hospitalize him. This is a disaster. People stop me on the street and ask me what will happen? What shall we do? Everyone is confused. People have endured this situation, but the government has resolved none of their problems