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Increasing the number of dispatched Qods Force guards to Syria from Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Mashhad and Tabriz through Najaf and Beirut to save Syrian dictator

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC): Iran, which caused the defeat of Zionists in 33-day war, alongside Syria will cause the defeat of international Zionism!

The capture of 48 Iranian regime’s terrorists in Syria has frightened the leaders of the regime. According to reports received from within the regime, at a meeting of the regime’s Security Council in the presence of Khamenei,

he emphasized the need to continue to support Syria’s dictator, and said: “We have entered a phase where a retreat does not make sense and with full power we have to support Bashar by financial means, weapons and force to maintain him. Because all our fates are tied to Syria and it will be decided by that. The fate of Hezbollah and Hamas and all … Syria is now our front line and we have no other way than to devote all our power for this.” Accordingly, on the order of Khamenei, in a desperate attempt to prevent the inevitable fall of the dictator of Syria, in recent weeks the number of revolutionary guards participating in the killing of Syrian people has increased in an unprecedented manner.
Forty eight guards who were arrested by the Free Syrian Army on August 4th, are part of a group of 150 Iranian Revolutionary Guards who recently flew from Tehran to Damascus with Mahan Air affiliated with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. They were being transported by three buses from the airport to their deployment locations. Transfer of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards to Syria and Lebanon, including Lebanon War in summer 2006, is done by Mahan Air.
Besides Tehran, The IRGC centers in many cities especially in Isfahan, Shiraz, Mashhad and Tabriz have active participation in dispatching guards to Syria.
The IRGC and terrorist Qods Force frequently use a front organization called the “Cultural and Service Institute of Samen Alaeme” for the transfer of guards to Syria. This institute was established by Hassan Ashtiani, one of the leaders of the Qods Force.  Several subsidiary companies such as “Talaye Nour Hejrat” play a role in different parts of the country in organizing and dispatching guards to Syria.  The nheadquarter of this organization in Tehran is managed by Iranian Revolutionary Guards Hassan Ashtiani, Maleki (Deputy) and Alidusti and Yabnloui. Terrorist Qods Force agents in the Isfahan branch of this institute, include mullah Mohsen Ronnasi and Revolutionary Guards Ahmad Zeinali, Afkhami, Amir Hossein Peivandi, and Khaki. Samen Alaeme Institute has an office in Damascus where Hamid Reza Golabchian and mullah Ghazali, two of their directors, now have returned to Tehran.
Iranian Revolutionary Guards are sent to Syria through at least three methods: Direct flight to Damascus from Tehran and Isfahan; transfer to Najaf and flying from Najaf to Damascus; flying to Beirut and from Beirut to Syria by land transfer.
Following the arrest of 48 guards in Damascus, the mullahs’ regime has decided to send a larger number of Revolutionary Guards to Najaf in Iraq and to fly them from there to Syria. The Hajj and Pilgrimage Organization of the regime provides adequate cover for dispatching these terrorists as pilgrims by issuing fake documents.
On August 15th, the Revolutionary Guards News Agency (FARS) wrote in this regard: “Iran, which in the 33-day war was present alongside Hezbollah and caused the defeat of Zionists, would definitely be able to cause the defeat of Zionism-trained terrorists in Syria” FARS News Agency, referring to the solidarity rally of the Iranian resistance and the Syrian people’s movement, added: “All of Iran’s enemies are now trying to bring Assad’s regime to its knees, and this way to defeat the old ally of the Islamic Republic, and in the international arena make Iran face a dilemma. This is why it seems Iran has to have a more active participation in solving Syrian crisis. “

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)
August 09, 2012