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Australian Rights Group Condemns Crackdown on Iran Protests

Australian Rights Group Condemns Crackdown on Iran Protests

The Australian Supporters of Democracy in Iran has issued a press release strongly condemning the repression of the Iran protests, which include the murder of more than 450 protesters by the regime in the past two weeks.

The following is the text of the group’s press release:


November 28, 2019,

Strongly condemn bloody repression in Iran, over 450 unarmed protesters killed in 13 days

Australian Supporters of Democracy in Iran call on the Morrison Government, the European Union, the United States of America and the United Nations to put maximum pressure on the Tehran government to immediately:

  • Halt shootings, killings, arrests and torture of protesters
  • Halt any arrests, torture, and execution of dissidents
  • Unconditionally release all of the over 10,000 arrested protesters
  • Restore all internet and telephone

“We call on the Australian government and the international community to use technical facilities to assist Iranian citizens to access the Internet,” said spokesperson Peter Murphy.

“Killing hundreds of unarmed people in the streets of Iranian cities, by shooting in the head and torso, is a crime against humanity,” he said.

“The international community must act quickly to block the threat of mass public hangings of those arrested, that was made at Friday Prayers on November 22.

“We urge the Australian government to propose that the UN Security Council refer Ayatollah Khamenei, President Rouhani, Judiciary Chief Ibrahim Raisi, Council of Experts member Ahmad Khatami, and the commanders of the revolutionary Guards & Basij militia to the International Criminal Court,” said Peter Murphy.