Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Editorial:‌ Iran Regime Terrified of Nationwide Protests

 Iran Regime Terrified of Nationwide Protests

The Iranian regime is facing many crises, both domestically and internationally, but none are more threatening to the continued rule of the mullahs than the ongoing popular uprising in Iran that began in late December.

The Iranian people have had enough of the decades of repression and corruption of the Regime, which has tanked the economy and near enough destroyed the country, so they’ve taken to the streets in numbers not seen in the history of the mullahs’ regime. These protests have continued, despite a violent crackdown by the mullahs, which has seen at least 50 protesters shot dead in the streets and over 8,000 arrested and facing the death penalty.

Indeed, the Regime is so worried about these increasingly organised protests that one member of the Regime’s so-called reformist camp compared the Regime to “a person standing on a floating bridge, waiting for disaster to strike”.

In just the past week, protests have erupted in several cities, from the bazaars to the sports stadiums, with all protests filled with chants and slogans against Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and the Iranian Regime as a whole. The Regime has, of course, increased its security measures, using a mixture of police, Special Forces and plainclothes agents to attack protesters, but this has not – and will not – stop the popular protest.

Many in the Regime are attempting to downplay the protests or blame Iran’s “enemies”, to make themselves look more in control, but they forget that the world can see the protests from the protesters’ social media accounts and the Iranian Resistance’s websites. The Regime is repetitively admitting that the Iranian Resistance is playing a key role in the protests, proving that they are not the fringe group that the mullahs frequently try to paint them as.

The Regime clearly fears its overthrow, which is why it will do anything to stop this uprising, except deal with the Iranian people’s problems, but the reality is that the Regime will fall, sooner or later. The problems in Iran are all caused by the mullahs and can only be fixed with the removal of the mullahs. The mullahs are only delaying the inevitable.

In addition to the protests, the Iranian mullahs are now involved in furious infighting, which again only shows the weakness of the Regime. Some have hit out against the Regime’s inaction over the problems facing the Iranian people, while others have accused the Regime of not being tough enough on the protesters, but the world should avoid dividing them into moderates and hardliners. All members of the Iranian Regime are cut from the same cloth. They are only squabbling to put themselves in a position for future power, which the people will never let them obtain.