Tuesday, December 6, 2022
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Farmers Clash With Security Forces in Western Iran

NCRI Staff

NCRI – According to reports released on social networks, the Iranian regime’s security forces in the province Ilam (west of Iran) violently arrested a number of women in a village who protested confiscation of their agricultural lands by the regime’s army.

The reports indicate that security forces detained several women and 50 other detainees after beating and mayhem during the past few years, with the total siege of Al-Jalizi village in Ilam province.

The clash was initially initiated on Sunday December 3 when “Eteka organization” affiliated to Iranian regime’s army, which claims land ownership, has attacked protesters who had gathered in the fields, using security forces to attack people with teargas and beating them with baton.

The report says that after the transfer of injured women to Dehloran hospital, security forces attacked the hospital and arrested injured women beating them with baton.

On Monday, during a sudden raid by tens of security cars in the village of Al Jalizi, the security forces arrested every villager who they saw on the streets after beating them.

According to latest reports, more than 50 people were arrested and other villagers fled to neighbouring villages and surrounding mountains.

The local residents say that the Eteka organization affiliated to the regime’s army has seized more than 4,000 hectares of the villagers’ lands and left only a thousand hectares for farmers, but now it claims ownership of the remaining thousand hectares.

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