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Iran: An Uprising Leading to Overthrow


Mohammad Mohaddessin

The youths of the uprising across the country are determined to turn the Charshanbeh Suri fiesta (the Iranian National fire festival) into an epic step towards the end of the mullahs’ sinister regime.

In these days, the cries of the workers, the toilers and the plundered people as well as the students from Tehran to Khuzestan, Isfahan, Arak, and across Iran are heard.

All the signs indicate that the protests and uprising that took place throughout the country in December and early January 2018 will continue despite the repressive and criminal acts of the regime and despite any ups and downs until the overthrow of the religious dictatorship.

All the evidences suggest that the final phase of this regime is reached. As Mrs. Maryam Rajavi the president elect of the Iranian Resistance has time and again stated, the situation will not return back to before December 28 when the protests started. A spark is enough to ignite the situation again. This fact is so tenacious that even the clerical regime’s leaders admit it.

Rouhani’s Interior Minister, Rahmani Fazli, said on March 11 that “discontent” is to such extend that “a spark is enough to flare up” the situation.

“The protests reached more than 100 cities in one or two nights and there were conflicts in 42 cities… because the level of accumulated discontent had risen and became public and, wherever possible, it was expressed … in more in-depth reviews of the incidents, we reached the other factors that were the bedside of events, and unfortunately we are still facing those incidents,” he added.

The scale of this uprising is such that the regime has faced a crisis within itself, and the effects of this crisis can be seen even in the center of the regime’s power, the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC).

Mohammad Ali Jafari, commander-in-chief of the Revolutionary Guards said on March 11 in an unprecedented confession that “the internal situation of the IRGC is one of the concerns of the leadership, which is in need of a greater depth of jihadist spirituality and morale.”

The nightmare of ‘Charshanbeh Suri’ for the regime and another uprising against the religious dictatorship

In such circumstances, Charshanbeh Suri and the call by the social headquarters of Mojahedin for an “uprising against the religious dictatorship” has become a nightmare for the criminal mullahs.

The commanders of Revolutionary Guards, the police, the Judiciary, and Rouhani’s agents are resorting to threat and intimidation in their efforts to stop the youth participating in the Charshanbeh Suri fiesta and turning it into another uprising.

They resort to chaffy and ridiculous sabre-rattling and announce discovery and capture of hundreds of millions of firecrackers and hundreds of tons of explosives while at the same time, they threaten the violators with arrest and punishment.

While Khamenei has ridiculously given fatwas in recent years that Charshanbeh Suri has no “religious basis”, “requires a great deal of harm” and “it is appropriate to avoid it” (State-run IRNA news agency, March 14, 2009), on March 10 this year Mohammad Jafar Montazeri, the Attorney General of the Mullahs regime, set aside the curtains and touched the basis of the problem and said that the regime is not opposed to the principle of Charshanbeh SUri and we cannot and should not fight these old and ancient ceremonies, but the more important issue is that the ceremony of Charshanbeh Suri is part of the project that seeks to “bring the Islamic Republic of Iran to its feet”.

Yes, the youth of the uprising throughout Iran are determined to turn the Charshanbeh Suri celebration into a qualitative step towards the end of the clerical regime and will certainly do so.

Mohammad Mohaddessin, chair of the NCRI Foreign Affairs Committee