Friday, October 15, 2021
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Iran Protests Round-up – October 17-21

Recent protests in Iran
Recent protests in Iran

Reports obtained by the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) network inside Iran indicate there have more protests across the country against the regime’s officials and their wrong economic policies.

On Tuesday, October 20, workers at the Parsian natural-gas processing plant in Lamerd, Fars Province, continued their strike for the fourth consecutive day. These workers demanded their delayed paychecks and protested their poor livelihoods.

Simultaneously on Tuesday, workers at the Razi Petrochemical company in Mahshahr, southwest Iran, continued their strike for the third consecutive day. Besides protesting their delayed paychecks, these workers demanded an end to the discrimination by the authorities against contract workers.

On Sunday, municipality workers in the city of Hamidieh, Ahvaz, southwest Iran, stopped working for five consecutive days. As a result, streets of this city are filled with garbage. A group of these workers gathered in front of a court in Hamidieh protesting their delayed paychecks. Abdollah Bayat, head of Hamidieh’s city council, threatened protesting workers with being fired. In addition, security forces arrested one of the protesting workers, identified as Kazem Sarkhi.

Municipality workers of Hamdieh are demanding their paychecks, delayed for 15 months, plus their bonuses for 2016 and 2017.

In a similar development, on Sunday, October 18, a group of fired municipality workers of Kamarband-e Sabz or Green-belt of the second district of Ahvaz, southwest Iran, held a protest gathering in front of the central municipality building. These workers demanded to be returned to work.

At least 22 contract workers of the greenspace in the second district of Ahvaz lost their job when the contract of the contracting company ended in July.

On Saturday, October 17, workers of the Zamzam factory in Tabriz, northwest Iran, gathered for the second time to protest the dismissal of several of their colleagues and their delayed paychecks.

In Meshginshahr, northwest Iran, workers on the Ahar-Meshginshahr highway project went on strike on Saturday, protesting their delayed paychecks.

In Bojnurd, in North Khorasan province, municipal workers once again gathered in front of the regime’s municipality with their families to protest lack of job security.

People reacting to regime’s oppression

Reports tallied by the MEK from Iran indicate people are resisting the mullahs’ repressive measures.

On Friday, in Hormozgan province, south of Iran, when the regime’s security forces attacked a diesel-gas center, the owners of this center and locals resisted and pushed the oppressive forces back.

In a similar development on October 15, youths in Sib-o-Suran, in Sistan Baluchistan province, southeast Iran, attacked a vehicle of the State Security Forces (SSF). The SSF entered this area a few days earlier to implement the regime’s oppressive measures. This attack forced the SSF forces to leave the city.